EWC GEAR UP designs transition support team

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 • 3:46 pm

GEAR UP staff and students

GEAR UP staff and students

Eastern Wyoming College GEAR UP (GU) program has designed a transition support team with our Torrington High School (THS) GU staff to introduce upcoming 8th graders to the GU high school program.

The THS GU staff attended a GU monthly meeting at Torrington Middle School to talk about the major changes in academic and social expectations that the students will experience next year and how the staff will be there to assist students with academics, GU meetings and support.

“Developing a relationship with the GU high school staff will help prepare those 8th graders when transitioning. The students will feel more comfortable asking for academic assistance and will learn valuable information about graduation and college education opportunities at the monthly GU meetings,” said Judy Brown, GEAR UP Director.

The upcoming school year, these 8th graders will meet the current GU high school students that will aid them through the differences and challenges of high school.

The EWC GEAR UP Program is planning to implement this transition program throughout EWC’s outreach area beginning fall 2014.

For more information about the EWC GEAR UP program, please contact Judy Brown, GEAR UP Director at 307.532.8288

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