EWC instructor announces release of new novel

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 • 9:50 am

Blue Springs by John Nesbitt

Blue Springs by John Nesbitt

Longtime English and Spanish Instructor at Eastern Wyoming College, John Nesbitt, has announced the release of his most recent western novel, Blue Springs. This is the 4th contemporary western mystery novel he has written.

Blue Springs has the same main character as the novel Poacher’s Moon. This story actually takes place before Poacher’s Moon and is set in a small Wyoming town. The main character, Wilf Kasmire, is surprised when his ex-girlfriend comes for a visit and even more surprised when she asks to stay. The mystery continues when she suddenly disappears. Wilf begins his own investigation and learns he is getting too close to information involving the death of another young woman.

“I am always happy to write about Wyoming as well as the people of Wyoming,” shared Nesbitt. “It provides a nice freedom to write about something I am familiar with.”

Readers are encouraged to not only read and enjoy Blue Springs, but to read either for the first time or a second, refresher time, Poacher’s Moon.

“I am very happy to be working with a good publisher. They promote the books very well, especially in the ebook market,” added Nesbitt.

Blue Springs is available in ebook or from traditional online book retailers.

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