EWC Makes a Difference in Douglas

Sunday, January 18th, 2009 • 12:42 pm

January 18, 2009
For years, students of all ages have been able to obtain college credit for classes offered in Douglas. This has been made possible through the Eastern Wyoming College Branch Campus located in Douglas. EWC Director of the Douglas Campus is Sue McBride. She is in her first year as the Director, but has been with the college for over three years.
The campus in Douglas also partners with Douglas High School to offer the five-year plan. This plan allows students to earn a high school diploma and a college degree in five years. DHS also has a very strong concurrent enrollment program. Many seniors have graduated with 30-40 college credits from EWC.
Former campus director, Connie Woehl is now the Associate Dean for Outreach and Learning. She maintains an office on the Douglas campus as well as in Torrington. “I went to look at our graduating classes’ pictures, and there are so many stories wrapped in those graduates lives. EWC has made a difference in so many Douglas lives, whether it is the self-confidence built with concurrent classes and a college transcript, a degree for a new job, a class to help in the current job, or class to help with home duties.”
A large number of adult students have also seen the benefit from having a community college located in their community. Many have earned a degree from EWC and have gone on to pursue or obtain a bachelors or masters degree.
The EWC enrollment at the Douglas campus for the 2007-2008 year included the following: 273.00 total Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), 543 students taking site credit classes, 407 concurrent enrollment. The number of students taking distance classes was 91 while 279 students took community education classes.

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