EWC receives over $100,000 from Perkins grant

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 • 11:21 am

September 15, 2009
Eastern Wyoming College will receive $122,665 under the Carl D. Perkins IV allocative grant for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Grant manager for the project is EWC Workforce Development Director Dru Rafferty.
Eastern Wyoming College monies this school year will be utilized to enhance coursework in criminal justice, agriculture, construction technology, and the new entrepreneurship program where it will be utilized to fund the salary for Earl Kisiel, the instructor, and for curriculum development.
Monies will be utilized to purchase equipment as well as for professional development opportunities for instructors in the targeted programs named above. Additionally, EWC will work with are high schools to develop stronger pathways for secondary students to encourage their enrollment in post-secondary education.
EWC career and technical education students will have the opportunity to participate in a job exposition with regional business and industry leaders. Prior to that exposition, students will learn resume standards, proper application procedures and practice interviewing procedures.
Students will also have full access to the EWC Learning Skills Lab, which focuses on helping students achieve academic success through working with tutors, in study groups, and learning study skills. An online tutoring system will also be available.
The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act (“Perkins Act”) is to provide federal funds to fully develop the academic, vocational, and technical skills of secondary and post-secondary students who elect to enroll in vocational and technical education programs.

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