EWC See Enrollment Increase

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 • 11:27 am

July 20, 2010
The 2009-2010 annual enrollment report has shown an increase in the number of students attending Eastern Wyoming College. The annual headcount at the college increased to 3,692, an increase of 7.8% or 268 students over the 2008-2009 academic year. The headcount increased by 22% in summer 2009, 12.7% in fall 2009, and .04% in spring 2010.
The full-time equivalent also increased by 7.8%. Full-time equivalent (FTE) is defined as the total credit hours enrolled in a given semester divided by 12. This is adjusted accordingly for an annualized number.
The Eastern Wyoming College service area covers 16,000 square miles throughout eastern Wyoming. The outreach student enrollment is included in the figures above and represents over 35% of the total enrollment number.
Programs with the largest enrollments were Interdisciplinary Studies, Welding & Joining Technology, Pre-Nursing, and Veterinary Technology. Full-time students came from 25 states and three foreign countries. Most of the students came from: Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana.
“We are pleased to see this increase in enrollment for the last four years and hope that it will continue. We have seen the number of preregistrations increase over the last year,” added EWC Vice President for Learning Dr. Dee Ludwig.

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