EWC SkillsUSA students honored at National Championship

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 • 12:23 pm

Eastern Wyoming College students recently traveled to the 51st annual National Leadership and Skills Conference. SkillsUSA is a showcase of career and technical education students. This national championship was held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Top student winners received gold, silver and bronze medallions. Many also received prizes such as tools of their trade or scholarships to further their careers and education.

Skill Point certificates were awarded in 86 occupational and leadership areas to students who achieved a high score defined by the industry. The following EWC students were Skill Point certificate recipients:

Michael Cole, Torrington, WY received a certificate for Prepared Speech. Team E which consisted of Shelby Cranston, Moorcroft, WY; Alyssa Barnsdale, Lusk, WY; Nathaniel Foster, Sutherland, NE; Kyle Sabourin, Farson, WY; Thomas Garvie, Torrington, WY; and Jacob Preston, Hawk Springs, WY were awarded a Skill Point Certificate in Chapter Business Procedure.

In Chapter Business Procedure a team takes a 100 question written exam concerning parliamentary law and then performs a mock meeting and conducts business utilizing intricate parliamentary motions.

SkillsUSA is an opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves in a vast variety of contests.

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