EWC student awarded internship with Legislature Service Office

Monday, April 30th, 2018 • 9:53 am

Peyton Loy seated, is surrounded by other interns.

Peyton Loy seated, is surrounded by other interns.

Eastern Wyoming College student Peyton Loy, sophomore, Torrington, WY was awarded an internship with the Legislature Service Office (LSO) in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Loy spent February and the beginning of March in Cheyenne serving as an intern at the LSO. Loy called his experience “Amazing. It re-shaped my respect for legislators in Wyoming. The dedication each and every member has to benefiting Wyoming even at their own expense is extraordinary. I don’t think any other state has legislators who actually care about their state, citizens, and peers as much as they do in the Wyoming legislature.”

“Our Political Science Department offers this internship so that students like Peyton have the opportunity to assist legislators on a full-time basis during the session under the direction of the LSO. It’s a win-win situation,” explains Ellen Creagar, Political Science instructor and supervisor of the internship for EWC, “the LSO coordinates the activities of the interns, arranges for them to meet Wyoming’s U.S. Senators, Supreme Court Justices, and other high-ranking officials, and exposes them to the drafting and research of and hearings and debate about bills. And our students get to see the legislative process from the inside.”

According to Loy, “This internship also allowed me to dream of becoming a legislator; something I never put much thought into until now. This internship was truly a life-changing experience. I hope more students across Wyoming, whether they be high school or college students, participate in the legislative internship and learn all they can about Wyoming’s amazingly unique legislative process.”

Loy also credits the EWC Student Senate for making this opportunity possible, “I had to be dressed up every day and also pay for food and housing in Cheyenne for the month I was there. Without the financial assistance Student Senate provided me, I may not have been able to make this work. I really appreciated their support.”

Loy will be graduating with his Associate of Arts Degree in Social Science from EWC on Friday, May 4 and will transfer to the University of Wyoming. He hopes to return to work with the legislature in the future.

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