Technology Accounts at Eastern Wyoming College
As part of the EWC community, you have two technology accounts. The first account is your computer account, which you use to log onto a campus computer (e.g., in a computer lab, the library, student center, etc.). The second account is your LancerNet account, which allows you to log onto LancerNet and access your classes, email and calendar, financial aid, and other personalized features. The username for both accounts always matches. The password for each account can match, or differ, depending on your preference, or how you set them up initially.

Please visit the EWC Instructional Technology office in room AC 115 if you need a first time password for either of your accounts, or if you need any additional assistance with the information and/or procedures described in this guide. Also, please contact our office if your computer account “locks” – a security feature that occurs after 3 incorrect login attempts.

Password Requirements:

To ensure network security, a high complexity level is enforced on passwords. A password you desire to use MUST meet the following requirements:

A. be at least 6 characters in length
B. contain at least three of the following four stipulations:
1. at least one capital letter;
2. at least one lower case letter;
3. at least one number;
4. at least one special character (e.g., #, !, $)
C. not contain your first or last name, or be a password you have used as one of your past 12 passwords.

Remember, you can be creative: instead of using Wyoming1 as a password, consider using Wy0m1ng1. Consider substituting @ for the letter a; $ for the letter s; and 1 for the letter L.

Changing your Password:

Want to change or make your passwords the same? To change your computer account password, log onto an EWC campus computer and after your Windows desktop loads, tap the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys together and choose “Change a Password”. Fill in your current password where it says “Old Password” and then input your desired new password and confirm it. If it does not meet the complexity requirements above, you will be prompted to choose another password.

To change your LancerNet account password, log into LancerNet and go to the “MyLancerNet” tab, choose the “Personal Tools” option right below, and choose “Profile”. Once that screen appears, you can choose the “Change Password” feature on the left-hand side.

You may use this process to “match” your passwords. Complete the computer account password change first if you wish to change both passwords and match them.

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