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Private loans are non-federal educational loans. These loans are typically offered by private lenders (educational financing institutions, guarantee agencies, banks) to assist with educational and living expenses not covered by other financial aid. In general, you may borrow up to the cost of education minus all other financial aid you receive.

There are many private loan options and lenders available to students. Selection of a private lender is an important decision, and you should carefully research your lender, and read all the information provided to assist you in evaluating and selecting a lender. The following list provides contact info for lenders EWC has worked with successfully in the past, but you are NOT LIMITED TO THIS LIST. It is up to YOU to find the best lender and loan options to fit your needs. EWC does not promote any specific lender and receives no compensation from your choice of lender. Visit EWC’s website at ewc.wy.edu/future-students/financial-aid/federal-direct-loans/ for more loan information and to view our College Loan Code of Conduct. Please note that not all lenders work with all colleges.

Bank of North Dakota Student Loans: mystudentloanonline.nd.gov

Sallie Mae (Smart Option Student Loan): salliemae.com

Wells Fargo (Collegiate Loan): wellsfargo.com/student/

cuStudentLoans (LendKey): custudentloans.org/

Compare some available alternative loan lenders via ElmSelect.

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