Residence Hall Refunds

If an on-campus resident withdraws from college or moves out of college housing before the start of the semester or within the first 8 calendar days of the start of the semester, he/she shall forfeit 25% of the semester room and board charges assessed and 100% of the housing security deposit. Students moving out of college housing after 8 calendar days from the beginning of the semester shall forfeit 100% of the room and board charge assessment and 100% of the housing security deposit paid (i.e. NO REFUNDS after 8 days). If, before midterm, there are circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control, an appeal regarding a refund may be made by submitting a written statement to the Director of Residence Life explaining why an exception should be made. No refunds will be made to students who do not officially withdraw or whose misconduct results in suspension/dismissal from on-campus housing and/or suspension/dismissal from the College.

Tuition/Fee Refunds

*Tuition is refunded on a course-by-course basis and is determined by the length of the course and the first meeting day of the course. For courses which meet the full semester, Tuition, and Activity and Use Fees are refunded in full for 8 calendar days beginning with the first day of the class. Thereafter, the tuition refund is 25% through 29 calendar days beginning with the first day of the class with no refund for Activity and Use/Technology Fees. For courses which are offered for less than a full semester, Tuition, Activity and Use/Technology Fees will be refunded according to a proration of the full semester refund schedule. *For students with federal financial aid please refer to Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Aid in the Financial Aid section.

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