Applications are currently open. If you have any further questions please contact Court Merrigan via email or by phone at 307.532.8378

Bridge Program Application

What is the Bridge Program? Eastern Wyoming College hosts a program created to help students brush up on math, reading, and English skills just before their first semester at EWC.

Intense academic instruction is accompanied by sessions on study skills and how to make a healthy transition into college life. Bridge Program Students retake the COMPASS Placement Exam at the end of the program and can possibly place into higher level math, reading, or English classes.

Higher test results can mean skipping a developmental level course and saving time and money!

Who can apply to the Bridge Program? Based on COMPASS Placement Exam or ACT scores, students that score into developmental courses may apply. Apply early, as only limited spots are available.

  • Please describe in 2-3 paragraphs why you would like to participate in the EWC Bridge Program. Please tell us how you think you would benefit by participating and what you hope to gain. (3000 character max)
  • Note: If you have any questions please call Court Merrigan at 307-532-8378.

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