Gear Up Facebook GroupThe Wyoming Statewide GEAR UP project provides services to 2,000 income-eligible pre-college students throughout the state each year. Student services include career exploration, advising and supporting students in taking a college preparation curriculum, college preparation, ACT preparation, college exploration, application, and planning, and assistance with financial aid processes and procedures.

Student services are provided through GEAR UP coordinators located at each of Wyoming’s seven community colleges. The GEAR UP grant also works with the Wyoming Department of Education in providing teacher training and school improvement initiatives. All GEAR UP services are aimed at increasing academic preparation and performance levels suited for post-secondary education, rates of high school graduation, rates of post-secondary education participation and graduation, and GEAR UP student and family knowledge of post-secondary education options, high school preparation needs, and means of financing.

Mission Statement

To have a marked impact on preparing students to pursue and excel in post-secondary education through partnering with schools, communities, students and parents. GEAR UP Wyoming is funded 50% through a grant from the US Department of Education totaling $3.5 million annually with  an additional 43.5 million provided by in-kind and scholarship contributions from Wyoming’s community colleges, the University of  Wyoming, and the Wyoming Department of Education.