GEAR UP Parent Group 2016


Involving parents in the EWC GEAR UP PAB program is a top priority. This helps students, parents and our EWC GEAR UP staff make the strong connection between home and the GEAR UP program.

The Parent Advisory Board (PAB) promotes the discussion and development of a shared vision of the educational needs of all EWC GEAR UP students. PAB provides a forum for parents to share their opinions and ideas with each other, the school GEAR UP staff and Eastern Wyoming College GEAR UP Director Judy Brown.

PAB is made up of a Volunteer parent representative from each EWC GEAR UP school. The PAB will attend GU monthly meetings in the school they represent, they offer assistance, advice and feedback to the EWC GEAR UP staff. PAB will aid the GU staff with monthly meeting, set up, notifications and reminders to parents who have students enrolled in the EWC GEAR UP Program they are welcome to attend.

PAB will attend tutor training each year to become more informed regarding the GEAR UP program in their school.

I am honored to have you as part of the EWC GEAR UP team and looking forward to see what we can do together in support of our GEAR UP students and parents.


Judy Brown
EWC GEAR UP Director
(307) 532-8269

The EWC GU Outreach staff are committed to you and your students. Our mission is to provide information on state aid; federal financial aid; financial literacy; as well as promote access, retention, and completion.

During these difficult economic times, financial literacy is an issue that commands attention to ensure students are adequately organizing finances for their education. Building awareness through improved financial literacy education and emphasizing the importance of financial responsibility will help students avoid the serious consequences resulting from poorly managed personal finances.

Our EWC GEAR UP Outreach staff help students learn key skills for financial success, and assists professionals with meeting their financial literacy requirements by providing a variety of online and in person resources.