How do I apply for scholarships?

Apply online for the general EWC scholarship. The priority deadline for scholarship applications each year is March 1, although if there is funding left, we will open the application process back up for spring and summer sessions. Watch for postings online, around campus and in the Pit area in the main building for postings. Also watch these areas for listings of outside scholarships that may apply to you and your specific degree. Check Resources for other areas you can research for funding sources.

How do I apply for my Hathaway Scholarship?

The Hathaway Scholarship is a state-funded program providing merit an need-based assistance to qualified students. The scholarships are available to Wyoming high school graduates and can be used to reduce the cost of higher education in Wyoming. The Hathaway Scholarship’s purpose is to encourage college preparation in high school and reward students for their academic performance.

Students must apply for admission at the Wyoming college they plan to attend, and submit a Hathaway Scholarship Application within two years of graduating from high school. Click here for more Hathaway info.

Do students receive the same amount of aid every year?

Not necessarily. You must reapply because eligibility is re-evaluated annually. Based on your most current financial information, the actual aid award may change. Federal aid will remain about the same if your family financial situation remains about the same; the number of family members in the household and in college remains the same; your application meets the deadline dates; and you are making satisfactory academic progress. Scholarships may be renewable if you meet eligibility requirements, but you must complete a Continuing Student Scholarship Application to be considered. Refer to the directions and criteria for each scholarship to which you are applying.

How do I apply for financial aid in the summer?

Students wishing to apply for scholarship aid during a summer term must complete a Summer Financial Aid Application.

I’m thinking about applying to be a Resident Assistant (RA). If I am selected, what will the impact be on my financial aid?

Resident Assistants receive a remission for room and board, which is applied directly to your account. See Residence Life for more housing information. This can significantly reduce your educational costs and reduce your potential loan debt.

I found a company who will guarantee me a scholarship for a fee. Should I apply?

No. Beware of any company, no matter how reputable sounding, that wants to charge you to find scholarships for you. Be cautious about anything that wants you to pay a fee, has a residential or box number address, is unsolicited, or has hype or pressure to participate. Always check for guarantees and check with the Better Business BureauFederal Trade Commission or the U.S. Department of Education to research the company’s background. Follow your own ethical principles and follow the general rule that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t get scammed.

Free information and assistance is available to you through the Financial Aid Office. Always check with us first before getting involved in anything that could cost you money you could be applying to your educational costs. Click here for other scholarship scam tips:

Are there other ways I can get funding other than through the FAFSA or scholarships?

Yes. Commonly used resources in our area are Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Also, check with your employer or your parents’ employers, civic and religious groups and local agencies to see if they have scholarships available.

I received an outside scholarship. Should I report it to the financial aid office?

Yes. If you are receiving any kind of financial aid from EWC, government sources, or any outside organization, you must report the additional aid to the Financial Aid Office. Your federal awards may need to be adjusted because of these supplementary funds, but this can be beneficial in red