Melissa Buckmiller

Melissa Buckmiller

Title: Moorcroft Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 307.756.9800
Address: PO Box 129 – 47 Country Lane
Moorcroft, WY 82721

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Moorcroft Outreach Local Credit Classes Fall 2016

CMAP_1715_50 (33639) Word Processing: MS Word B. Brandon, O. Moorcroft 08/29/2016-12/05/2016 Lecture/Lab Monday, Wednesday 07:00PM – 09:00PM, OFF, Room OFF 0 / 25 / 0


CMAP_1765_50 (33640) Spreadsheet Appl II: MS Excel B. Brandon, O. Moorcroft 08/29/2016-12/05/2016 Lecture/Lab Monday, Wednesday 04:00PM – 06:00PM, OFF, Room OFF 0 / 25 / 0


EDUC_1501_50 (33644) Effective Substitute Teaching B. Brandon, O. Moorcroft 09/13/2016-12/08/2016 Lecture/Lab Tuesday, Thursday 04:00PM – 07:00PM, OFF, Room OFF 0 / 25 / 0


POLS_1200_50 (33855) Non-Western Political Cultures Lona Tracy, O. Moorcroft 08/23/2016-12/06/2016 Lecture Tuesday 07:00PM – 09:30PM, OFF, Room OFF 0 / 25 / 0


SPPA_1050_50 (33642) Beginning Sign Language D. Wood, O. Moorcroft TBD 0 / 25 / 0


WELD_1520_50 (33641) Welding for Fun TBD  O. Moorcroft TBD 0 / 25 / 0



Fall Non Credit Community Education & Online Classes

Crook County Fall 2016 Credit & Community Ed Classes


Associates of Science Cohort Business Administration or Elementary Education

All Adult Students will be given the opportunity to become part of a cohort that will start their Associates Degree in Business Administration.  This degree will be done completely online or through local classes.  Cohort will have limited enrollment.  Contact Melissa Buckmiller for information.  756-9800.~  Scholarships are available for both needs based and for degree seeking students!!  To complete the scholarship form please click the link below.  Any questions call Melissa Buckmiller at 756-9800.

 Outreach Incentive Grant ApplicationNEW3.19.14 ~

Associates of Science Concurrent Cohort Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

MHS Students will have the opportunity to work toward an Associates of Science Degree to be completed before graduation from MHS.  Parents of students interested must meet with an EWC advisor before beginning the program.  This opportunity isn’t for every student, please call Melissa Buckmiller for details. 756-9800

Things you need to know…

  • Financial Aid Resources  This step by step video leads you through completion of the FAFSA – FAFSA OPENS OCTOBER 1st, 2016