Community Contact Information

Emergency Contacts

  • Torrington Police: 532-7001
  • Sheriff: 532-4026
  • Ambulance: 532-7052
  • Hospital Emergency Room: 532-4559
  • Family Violence/Sexual Assault: 532-5050


  • Banner Medical Clinic: 532-2107
  • Community Hospital: 532-4181
  • Goshen County Public Health: 532-4069
  • Medical Office Building: 532-8758
  • Community Drug: 532-2107
  • Vandel Drug: 532-2214
  • Platte River Family Dentistry: 532-4448
  • Griggs Family Dentist: 532-3227
  • Hartman Family Dentistry: 534-1988
  • Eastern Wyoming Eye Clinic: 532-2060
  • Torrington Vision Clinic: 532-4091


  • Wyoming Workforce Services: 532-4171

Family Services

  • Child Care Finder: 532-1122
  • Department of Family Services: 532-2191
  • Wyoming Family Literacy (NOWCAP Even Start): 532-4682
  • Family Care Giver Support: 532-2796
  • Family to Family: 532-8871
  • Goshen County WIC Program: 532-5881
  • Goshen County Youth Alternatives: 532-7784

Social Services

  • Alanon: 532-2172
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 534-+2172
  • Caring and Sharing: 532-2796
  • Diversified Services, Inc.: 532-5911
  • Goshen County Ministerial Association: 532-2977
  • Goshen County Victim’s Assistance: 532-4428
  • Land of Goshen Ministries: 532-384
  • Overeaters Anonymous: 532-7603
  • Salvation Army: 532-7181
  • Veterans Administration: 1-800-827-3188
  • Wyoming Legal Service: 1-888-634-1566



  • 1st Steps Christian Preschool: 532-5801
  • Wee Pals Preschool: 532-4377
  • Torrington Learning Center: 532-7068


  • Valley Christian School: 532-3133
  • Goshen County School District: 532-4046
  • St. Joseph’s Children’s Home: 532-4197


GEAR UP Wyoming - The path to possibleWelcome to GEAR UP at EWC!

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is a federally-funded, statewide grant in Wyoming that provides services to 2,000 seventh through twelfth grade, income-eligible students each year.

The GEAR UP goal of increasing the number of eligible students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education is accomplished by:

  • Providing academic support, college preparation, and family services through our GEAR UP offices located in each of the seven community colleges in Wyoming.
  • Providing educator training and school improvement initiatives through a partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education.

Mission Statement

To have a marked impact on preparing students to pursue and excel in post-secondary education through partnering with schools, communities, students and parents.

To apply for the EWC GEAR UP Institutional Scholarship: 

  1. Complete the EWC Admissions application.
  2. Receive an email with an EWC username and password in order to access your MyEWC account.
  3. Log onto your MyEWC account, click the Scholarship App button.
  4. Complete your application, indicating YES that you are a GEAR UP student.
  5. EWC’s Financial Aid Office will inform the EWC GEAR UP Program Director, Amy Haas , of your intentions.

Helpful Links

Career Pathways

Academic Papers/Articles

Teacher Resources

Computer Literacy


College and Career Readiness Center Distance Learning

Definition of Distance Learning

Distance education is a learning process whereby students and teachers are separated by space, time, or both for the majority of the instructional period.  Distance learning materials are in a variety of media including print, audio recording, videotape, broadcasts computer software, web-based programs, and other online technology. Teachers support distance learners through communication via mail, telephone, e-mail, or online technologies and software.

Criteria for a College and Career Readiness  student to apply for Distance Education

  • Students must complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-seat instruction before they may request the distance education component.
  • Students must demonstrate to the instructor a commitment to study time and effort.
  • Students must exhibit competency with the computer and the ability to access the assigned software program.

Approval Process

  • Students must have a clear understanding of Distance Education requirements and expectations.
  • All Distance Education students must complete an application form and the application must be approved by the on-site ABE instructor.

How the Program Works

  • Students must agree to work on the assigned program for a set number of agreed-upon hours.
  • Students must agree to be in weekly contact with the instructor. Contact can be through email correspondence, face-to-face contact, or by telephone. Students will be required to maintain a student tracker timesheet accounting for all time spent on distance learning components.
  • Students must demonstrate the ability to log in to the State Approved distance learning platforms.
  • The student will commit to contacting the instructor a minimum of one time per week by phone or email.
  • Students will make an appointment to come into the Center for one face-to-face counseling meeting per month with the assigned instructor.

Assessments for the Distance Learner

Formal assessments (TABE tests and Official Practice Tests) are not permitted to be done as part of Distance Education. Students will be required to come to the Center for any pre/post testing and Practice Tests. The schedule for assessments will be set when the student has their monthly face-to-face meeting with the assigned instructor.

Distance Learning Curricula

The distance education program at EWC will incorporate the web-based computer software programs approved by the State.

Criteria to remain active in the program

  • Students who fail to make weekly contact with the assigned instructor will be removed from the Distant Learning program after two weeks of non-contact. At that point, access to the assigned software will be terminated.
  • Students who fail to make their monthly face-to-face meeting with the assigned instructor will be removed from the Distant Learning program and access to the software will be terminated.
  • Students who show insufficient progress on the assigned software will be referred back to the local College and Career Readiness Center for placement into classes.

*The State of Wyoming Distance Education Policy will be the final determination for all policies and procedures.

College and Career Readiness Center FAQs

What is the High School Equivalency Test? Is it the same as the GED?

There are two ways to earn your High School Equivalency Certificate: By taking the G.E.D. (General Education Development) Test, or by taking the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test). Regardless of the test taken, the end result is the same: students earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. This certificate and a high school diploma are technically the same, which means they can both be used for employment and for entry into post-secondary education/training programs and the military.

At the CCRC, we prepare you for and offer the HiSET.

HiSet Process
  • Register with the College and Career Readiness Center in your community, and commit to attending a prescribed number of hours.
  • Take an initial assessment of your skills
  • Complete the Career Services course
  • Establish short and long-term goals using Task and Timeline guidelines.
  • Complete at least 30 hours of instruction.
  • Take and pass an Official Practice Test
  •  Take an official HSE exam.
  • Contact your local  testing Center (see below)
HiSet Age Waiver Information
  • Students must be 18 years of age to take an HSE examination
  • Students who are 16 & 17 years old, must complete an age waiver application and have this application approved by the State of Wyoming before they are allowed to take an HSE examination.
  • All age waiver candidates must complete a program of study from a local College and Career Readiness Center
  • Age waiver applications may be obtained from a local College and Adult Education Program.  Page one of the applications is a demographics form, which must be completed by the applicant. This form requires parental/guardian consent and must also be signed by the applicant.  Page two of the application is a Withdrawal Verification. This must be completed and signed by the local school district office. Page three is a Pretest Verification form. This form is retained by the local Adult Learning Center and is completed after the candidate satisfactorily passes an Official Practice Test.
HiSET Test Information

The purpose of the ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™) is to certify a candidate’s attainment of academic knowledge and skills equivalent to those of a high school graduate. HiSET™ scores will identify those candidates who have performed at a level consistent with high school equivalency. Information from the HiSET program also will help identify areas in which candidates are career- and college-ready, as well as areas in which additional preparation may be needed.

Candidates will be tested in five core areas: Language Arts – Reading, Language Arts – Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Descriptions of each of these five tests are contained in this document. Included with the descriptions are sample items that illustrate the types of items that will appear on the test. The  HiSET™ Practice Tests allow the candidates to view sample content and item types and provide them with general information about their level of preparation for taking the operational form.

For more information about the HiSET exam, please click the following:


Currently, the G.E.D. test is not offered at EWC. See the G.E.D. testing site for more information

Hathaway Requirements

Students who earn a High School Equivalency Certificate may also be eligible for a Hathaway Scholarship. Interested students should contact the local College and Career Readiness instructor or the Financial Aid office at the College.

What will the program cost me?

All of our services to our students are free. You don’t pay anything to come to the College and Career Readiness Center, for your materials, or to take the tests we need to give you in class.

When you’re ready to take the HiSET, there are fees involved:

  • $10.75 per section (there are 5 sections)
  • $15 one-time test fee

Don’t let cost deter you, though. We have programs and scholarships to help with those costs, and if you are under 25, we partner with DWS to help you get paid for your study time and for each test you pass.

How long will it take me to earn my High School Equivalency?

That is much more dependent on you than on us. Students who attend class daily and make it a top priority complete the program faster and easier than students who are inconsistent with their attendance.

How do I prepare to take the HiSet?

High School Equivalency Certificate (HSEC) Preparation

If you’re ready to earn your High School Equivalency, this is the place for you. We prepare you for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), which is similar to the GED, and functions like a high school diploma.

The HiSET has 5 tests:

  1. Reading
  2. Science
  3. Social Studies
  4. Math
  5. Language/Writing

We will work with you to create a personalized curriculum that prepares you to take and pass each of the five tests. To get started, click here to register.

Transitions to College

Qualified participants may enroll in this course concurrently while enrolled in other College and Career Readiness courses. The course is designed as a general orientation and transition to college programs whereby participants will begin to explore and understand the college environment, learning to identify and utilize campus and community resources to enhance the academic experience.

General College and Career Readiness

This course equips students with the skills needed to strengthen reading, writing, mathematics, and computer literacy abilities so that they are prepared to enter post-secondary and/or the workforce.

English Language Acquisition (ELA) Programs

These courses are designed to help eligible individuals who are English language learners achieve competence in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension of the English language, mathematics, and Civics so that they are prepared to enter post-secondary and/or the workforce in the United States.

Where are the testing centers located?

Testing Centers in the EWC service area

Site Contact Person Phone Number Type of Test Available
Douglas, Wyoming Jamie Sullivan 307-358-5622 HiSET Computer-based
Lusk, Wyoming Kim Russell 307-532 8280 HiSET Paper-based
Moorcroft & Sundance, Wyoming Katie Thomas 307-756-9800 HiSET Paper-based
Newcastle, Wyoming Kim Conzelman 307-746-3603 HiSET Computer-based
Wheatland, Wyoming Kathy Garton 307-322-2433 HiSET Paper-based
Torrington, Wyoming Jo Ellen Keigley 307-532-8288 HiSET Computer-based

Adult Education in Wyoming

Adult Education centers in Wyoming are open year-round and welcome new students at any time. There are typically no costs associated with registration but attendance and testing restrictions do apply once you are registered. If you are a new student, you will be able to make an appointment for your initial assessment to determine what level(s) you need to be placed into. To learn more visit the Adult Education Experience website