The Outcomes Assessment Committee is a subcommittee of the Curriculum & Learning Council and monitors the implementation and progress of assessment for the institution.  This activity includes reviewing assessment reports; reviewing and updating the assessment plan on an annual basis; and based on assessment results, making recommendations to the Curriculum & Learning Council changes in programs and in courses of instruction.

Plan of Assessment

Program Assessment Components

Goals & Achievement

Goals for 2015-2016

Goals for 2014-2015

Goals for 2013-2014

Achievement of goals for 2012-2013

Outcomes Assessment Reports

2016-2017 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2015-2016 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2014-2015 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2013-2014 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2012-2013 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2011- 2012 Outcomes Assessment Report Final

2010-2011 Outcomes Assessment Report Final



About the Committee

The outcomes assessment committee was formed in 1992.  Personnel on the committee include the Outcomes Assessment Coordinator and the Committee Members.

The Outcomes Assessment Coordinator is chosen and directly reports to the Vice President for Learning.  The coordinator is released from three credit hours of instruction or the equivalent each semester and serves for a minimum of two years.  The coordinator’s charge includes:

  1. Chair the Assessment Advisory Committee.
  2. Work with instructors and staff to clarify the purposes of outcomes assessment – and thus to deepen the understanding of and commitment to long-term assessment and to help ensure college-wide participation.
  3. Explain to students why assessment is necessary and what forms it will take.
  4. Explain to those who are responsible for assessment data collecting and how and when data are to be collected.
  5. Ensure the timely submission of written assessment reports.
  6. Review and distribute assessment reports for analysis and use.
  7. Work closely with the Vice President for Learning to provide faculty and staff with assessment results.
  8. Participate as a member of the Curriculum & Learning Council.
  9. Assist in the allocation of assessment funds.
  10. Retain all departmental/divisional assessment plans on file.
  11. Work with division chairs and individual faculty to develop assessment plans.

The Advisory committee is comprised of faculty, professional staff, and administrators. The committee has the same permanent members including the Vice President for Learning,  the Vice President for Student Services, the Director of Institutional Research, the Co-Director of Library & Media Services and the Assessment Coordinator.  Each division has one faculty representative and each year, one division will have two representatives on a rotating basis.   The charge given to members of the committee includes:

  1. Be a standing committee
  2. Meet at least once each semester, with the coordinator calling additional meetings as they are needed.
  3. Monitor the implementation and progress of assessment.
  4. Review assessment reports.
  5. On the basis of reported assessment data, recommend to the Curriculum & Learning Council changes in programs and in courses of instruction.
  6. Review the assessment plan annually and amend it as necessary. The assessment plan is a formative and descriptive document and will be modified as needed in light of what assessment results suggest.