Eastern Wyoming College’s assessment program is a learning circuit (measuring student learning).  Success under this approach documents achievement of identified goals for learning and student success outcomes.  Assessment activities are designed to measure such achievement.  Assessment activities are conducted, results are reviewed and disseminated, and changes made in the classrooms, programs, the strategic planning and budgeting process, and in the overall college based on these assessment results.

The Assessment Cycle is a continuous process of analysis of the mission, development of goals and objectives, identification of measures of learning outcomes, assessing, collecting and interpreting data, disseminating useful information, proposing changes, and instituting, monitoring, and evaluating those changes.

Plan of Assessment

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Assessment Components

Outcomes Assessment Committee

The Outcomes Assessment Committee is a subcommittee of the Curriculum & Learning Council comprised of an Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, faculty members, professional staff, and an administrator.  The committee members monitor the implementation and progress of assessment for the institution including researching and recommending assessment options and best practices; providing guidance for data collection; working with faculty to develop assessment plans; reviewing assessment reports; reviewing and updating the college assessment plan on an annual basis; and based on assessment results, forwarding recommendations to the Curriculum & Learning Council.



Outcomes Assessment Reports

Committee Meetings