With the engagement of Gold Hill Associates and the selection of the following individuals to serve on the search committee, the Board of Trustees has begun the search process for a new president.

Search Committee Members

  • Randy Adams, Trustee, Torrington
  • Bob Baumgartner, Trustee and Search Committee Chair, Torrington
  • Margaret Farley, EWC Employee, Douglas
  • John Hansen, EWC Employee, Torrington
  • Bill Law, Service Area, Torrington
  • Tyson Morrell, EWC Student, Torrington
  • Todd Peterson, EWC Foundation, Torrington
  • Tyler Vasko, EWC Employee, Torrington
  • Judith Bartmann, Trustee, Torrington
  • Kim Conzelman, Service Area, Newcastle
  • Rob Freeman, EWC Employee, Douglas
  • Lori Ibarra, Service Area, Guernsey
  • Jennifer Minks, EWC Employee, Torrington
  • Steve Paisley, Service Area, Torrington
  • Kelly Strampe, EWC Employee, Torrington
  • Kwin Wilkes, EWC Employee, Torrington

If you would like to provide feedback, please email your comments to presidential.search@ewc.wy.edu

We will continue to keep the EWC community informed as we move through the selection process. If you have any questions regarding the search, please contact Holly Lara, search liaison.