Programs of Instruction: Plan of Assessment

The following assessment components are taken by all graduating majors during the semester of graduation. Results from each of the components listed below are distributed to:

  • Outcomes Assessment Committee
  • Curriculum & Learning Council
  • Program Advisory Committees

Results are used for:

  • Documentation of Student Learning
  • Curriculum Improvement
  • Program Review
  • Strategic Planning

AA = Associate of Arts

AS = Associate of Science

AAS = Associate of Applied Science

C = Certificate, less than 1-year

CD = Certificate, 1-year

Program Degree Component Responsibility
Accounting (ACCT) AS Departmental Exam Jennifer Minks
Agri-Business: Beef Production (AGBP) CD Exit Interview/Oral Exam Monte Stokes
Agri-Business: Farm/Ranch Mgt  (FRCH) AAS Capstone Course: AGEC 2395 Rob Eirich
Kaitlyn Steben
Rick Vonburg
Agriculture: Agri-Business & Sciences  (AGBSS) AS
Agriculture: Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management (REWM) AS Capstone: HMDV 2000 Chris Wenzel
Aquaculture Technician (AQTK) C Exhibition and/or Portfolio Review Rick Vonburg
Art (ART) AA Show/Demonstration John Cline
Biology (BIOL)Environmental Science (ENVR) AS Departmental Exam Peggy Knittel
Chris Wenzel
Business Administration (BADM) AS Departmental Exam Jennifer Minks
Patricia PulliamKerry Steward
Business Administration (BSAD) AAS Electronic Portfolio Jennifer Minks
Patricia Pulliam
Business Education (BSED) AA
Business Office Technology (BOTK) AAS
Business Office Technology (BOFTK) CD
Business Records (BSRC) C Departmental Exam Rick Vonburg
Computer Applications (CAPS) C Portfolio Rick VonburgJohn Hansen
Communication (COMM) AA Capstone Course: CO/M 2395
Cosmetology (CSMO) AAS Assessment Courses & State Board Exams

  • CSMO – CSMO 1575
  • CSNT – CSMO 1175
  • CSST – CSMO 1275
  • CSHT – CSMO 1375
Donna Charron
Pam CapronNancy Landers
Nail Technician (CSNT) C
Skin Technician (CSST) C
Hair Technician (CSHT) CD
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Emphasis (CJLE) AA Capstone Course: CRMJ 2895 Richard PattersonLarry Curtis
Criminal Justice Corrections Emphasis (CJCR) AA
Criminal Justice Corrections (CJCC) CD Written Project: CRMJ 2380
Criminal Justice (CMJT) AAS Capstone Course: CRMJ 2395
Construction Technology (CNTK) – This program is currently on hiatus. CD Construction Journal This program is not currently offered.
Economics (ECON) AS Departmental Paper Rick Vonburg
Education: Elementary Education (ELED) AA Student Portfolio Muriel de Ganahl
Education: Secondary Education (SCED)
Early Childhood Education (EDEC) AA Student Portfolio Catherine Steinbock
Child Development (EDDL)
Capstone Course:  EDUC 2800 Catherine Steinbock
English (ENGL) AA Choice of Research Project, Journal, or Essay John Nesbitt
Kelly Strampe
Entrepreneurship (ENTR) CD Departmental Exam Rick Vonburg
Interdisciplinary Studies (INST/INSTU) AA/AS Capstone Course: HMDV 2000 or Assessment Activity in Designated Area Diane McQueen
Instructor in Designated Assessment Area
Language (Foreign) (LANG) AA Choice of Research Project, Journal or Essay John Nesbitt
Mathematics: Arts & Science (MATH) AS Departmental Oral Exam Ray Dewitt
Cheryl RaboinBob Creagar
Mathematics: Secondary Education (MTED)
Music: Applied Music (MUSC) AA Performance Recital with Outside Critique Michael DeMers
Music: Music Education (MUSED) Performance Recital with Outside Critique and Portfolio
Physical Education, Health & Recreation (PEAC) AA Capstone Course: PEPR 2395 Verl Petsch
Jan Lilletvedt
Preprofessional: Pre-Veterinary Medicine (PVET) AS Rubrics Analysis Ed Bittner, Monte Stokes, Susan Walker
Preprofessional: Pre-Dentistry (PDEN) AS Portfolio/Rubrics Analysis Peggy Knittel, Bob Creagar, Lorna Stickel, Chris Wenzel
Preprofessional: Pre-Medicine (PMED)
Preprofessional: Pre-Medical Technology (MEDTK)
Preprofessional: Pre-Nursing (PNSG)
Preprofessional: Pre-Pharmacy (PHAR)
Social Science (SOSC) AA Capstone Course:  SOSC 2395 Ellen Creagar, Heidi Edmunds, Jennifer Hart, Anne Hilton
Statistics (STAT) AS Departmental Exam Rick Vonburg
Veterinary Technology (VTTK) AAS Capstone Course: VTTK 2750 & Written and Oral Comprehensives Susan Walker, Ed Bittner, Viqi Garcia, Michelle Lett, Monte Stokes
Welding & Joining Technology (WJTK) CDAAS National Competency Test Leland Vetter
Lynn BedientTim AndersonStan Nicolls
Machine Tool Technology (MTT) CD Project Leland Vetter
Lynn BedientTim AndersonStan Nicolls
Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management (WILD) AS Departmental Exam Chris Wenzel