The following scholarships require a separate process (from our online scholarship application) for application in addition to the EWC application package.  Please review each for criteria, contact information and/or application procedure. Please pay attention to deadlines, as each scholarship may have different requirements.

Please note: Items below marked with F are EWC Foundation awards, and items marked with  require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Other EWC scholarships:

Career and Technical Education Tuition Waiver
Employee-Sponsored Scholarship  F
Lancer Incentive Scholarship
Wyoming Border Scholarship

EWC Activity Grants:

EWC offers several Activity Grants, allowing students to assist, participate, or perform in specific areas of the college. Activity Grants are available to high school graduates and EWC students with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA. First-time students who do not have a high school diploma but have special ability as determined by the activity sponsor may also qualify for Activity Grants. The number of grants awarded and the value of the award varies; some cover full or partial tuition, others are for fees, books, supplies and/or on-campus room and board.

If you are interested in participating in debate/forensics, music or art, there are activity grants available to you! Please complete EWC’s Scholarship Application.

Students interested in athletic activities should apply through the appropriate coach.

Students in the following athletic activities must meet NJCAA eligibility criteria:
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Volleyball

Rodeo – Must meet NIRA eligibility criteria

Livestock Judging – Must maintain eligibility to compete in any national or regional livestock judging competition with EWC and the Junior College Judging Coaches Association (JCJCA). A paper application is required.

Outside scholarships:

The following scholarship opportunities are awarded and administered outside of EWC. Certain outside scholarship donors inform EWC of scholarships available to its students. Since availability may change, please check back often for updated listings. Please refer to each for eligibility criteria, application processes and deadlines. For information on the state Hathaway Scholarship program and application process, please see our Hathaway Scholarship pages.

AAUW Scholarship (Torrington-Wheatland Branch)
American Welding Society Scholarships

Adeline Neilson Scholarship
Barbara Fliesbach McAlister Art Scholarship 
Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship
BP Energy STEM Scholarship
Clara E. Muehlberger Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship
Community Healthcare Foundation Scholarship
Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 2020
Converse County Hospital Foundation Nursing Scholarship
DARE/Bob Asbury Book Award
Dave Neider Memorial (Goshen County Rooster Boosters) Scholarship
Douvas Scholarship for First Generation American Student
Foster’s Outriders Scholarship for the Trades Program

Four States Irrigation Council Scholarship
Friends of the Fremont County Fair Scholarship
Gates Millennium Scholars Program
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming Mary N. Brooks Scholarship
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming Paulina Hayes Scholarship
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming Ruth Clare Yonkee District Scholarship
Goshen County 2Shot Michael Olson Memorial Scholarship
Goshen County 2Shot Scholarship
Goshen County 2Shot Trey Redder Memorial Scholarship
Hawthorn Foundation Scholarship Program 
Helen K Maier Memorial P.E.O Scholarship
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships
Hispanic Advisory Committee Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)
Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program 
James A. and Dorothy K. Willox Trade School Scholarship
Laurie Haugen Educational Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)
Lawrence and Pauline Lemons Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)
Marjorie Jane Streeks Brown Scholarship
Mitchell/Morrill PEO Chapter EU Scholarship
North Platte Valley Artist Guild Scholarship 2018
Oregon Trail Community Foundation Scholarships
F  Tom Lowry Memorial (Goshen County Rooster Boosters) Scholarship
Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association Scholarship
West Nebraska Blood Center Scholarship
Western Nebraska Human Resources Management Association
Wheatland Kiwanis Club Scholarship Application
Wyoming Chapter–Soil and Water Conservation Society Scholarship
Wyoming Community Foundation Scholarships
Wyoming Council of the Blind Scholarship
Wyoming NASA Space Grant STEM Scholarship
Wyoming National Guard Association Scholarship
Wyoming Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship
Wyoming Stock Growers Association’s Clifford P Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Wyoming Survivors of Deceased Firefighters Tuition Benefit
Wyoming Trucking Association Scholarship
Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association Scholarship
Wyrulec Company Trade Scholarship
Wyrulec Company Scholastic Scholarship

Transfer Scholarships

Students intending to graduate from EWC and transfer to a four-year college or university should check out the following transfer scholarship opportunities:

CSC Transfer Student Scholarship
Gary Beach Memorial Scholarship–Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation
F  Goshen County Beet Growers Transfer Scholarship (can apply through EWC application)
Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa/Chadron State College Transfer Scholarship 
Phi Theta Kappa other transfer scholarships
University of Wyoming Alumni Association Community College Transfer Student Scholarship
Wyoming NASA Community College Transfer Scholarship

International Students

International students can apply for EWC’s International Student Scholarship and other scholarships via our online scholarship application. Check our scholarship listing (on the current page) for details on what scholarships may or may not require U.S. citizenship.

International students will find little information available about financial aid because of citizenship limitations, but listed below are some online resources that can help.

Be careful what information you give online. You should not have to pay to apply for scholarships and anything that is “guaranteed” or “available to everyone” should signal a red flag. Check for information on how to protect yourself from scams and identity theft.

Additional Resources

Free Internet Scholarship Search Engines