Welcome to the Staff Alliance!

Each benefitted employee in the Professional and Classified employee categories are, by virtue of their EWC employment, automatically a Staff Alliance member and eligible to vote, hold office, and participate in Staff Alliance business.  The Staff Alliance Bylaws are effective Dec 1, 2019.

The Staff Alliance Executive Committee for calendar year 2021 is:

  • Chair – John Hansen
  • Vice Chair – Callie Allred
  • Treasurer – Jamie Sullivan
  • Secretary – Sue Schmidt
  • Parliamentarian – Holly Lara
  • At-Large Professional Staff – Aaron Bahmer
  •  At-Large Classified Staff – Holly West

The Staff Spotlight is a Staff Alliance initiative to highlight the effort, hard work, and results of each Staff Alliance member or their respective work center.  Visit the EWC home page for info about this month’s Staff Spotlight work center and assigned Staff Alliance members.

The following employees have voluntarily agreed to represent the Staff Alliance and currently serve on the assigned Committees listed below…

  • Professional Development Cmte: Aaron Bahmer, Sue Schmidt
  • Personnel Advisory Council: Donna White, Kim Russell, Linda Evans, Sally Watson
  • Technology Advisory Cmte: Dixie Kroenlein
  • Campus Safety Cmte: Kim Jones
  • Diversity Cmte: TBD

The Staff Alliance funded Leadership Scholarship recipient for AY 2018-2019 is…..

The EWC Employee-funded Scholarship recipient for AY 2018-2019 is…

Significant enhancements at EWC as a result of Staff Alliance action or initiative during recent school years include……

  • New summer operating hours implemented May 2016
  • Health/Wellness Leave donation changes
  • Improved format of annual winter Holiday Party
  • 2016 state-level WACCT Professional Employee of the Year recipient
  • 2018 state-level WACCT Classified Employee of the Year recipient
  • Increased child’s age limit for 50% EWC tuition benefit
  • Ardent proponent of good employee health through a self-paced Fitness Challenge activity each semester