What are concurrent enrollment classes?

Concurrent enrollment classes are college classes taught by high school faculty who have been approved as community college adjunct faculty who are teaching said courses as part of their duties as a Crook County School District employee. These college courses simultaneously satisfy high school graduation requirements. These courses have been approved by the college as having equivalent course content, learning objectives, and work assignments as an existing college course. Any high school student taking a concurrent course is able to take the course free of charge. This includes any course materials that may be needed. In order to enroll in concurrent courses, students must have sufficient ACT scores or have taken the AccuPlacer placement test through the EWC Outreach office. This serves as a prerequisite for enrollment into most concurrent courses.

The Online Dual enrollment program offers the opportunity for high school students to enroll in college courses taught by EWC instructors. The college credit earned will be applied to their high school graduation requirements as well as their college transcript.

Concurrent Courses for Fall 2016:

ENGL 1010- English I:Composition
CMAP 1850- Desktop Publishing (year long course)
ART 1005- Drawing I
CHEM 1020- General Chemistry I (year long course)
CMAP 1900- Computer Applications I (year long course)
ACCT 1050- Practical Accounting I
CNTK 1630- Basic Cabinetmaking (year long course)
CNTK 1860- Woodworking Fundamentals I (year long course)
CNTK 1865- Woodworking Fundamentals II (year long course)
MATH 1400- Pre-Calculus Algebra– DUAL
PEAC 1020- Fitness & Conditioning
PEAC 1032- Aerobic Conditioning
PEAC 1273- Heavy Resistance Conditioning
POLS 1000-50- American & Wyoming Government– DUAL

Concurrent courses for Spring 2017:

ENGL 2020- English II: Introduction to Literature
MATH 1405-Pre-Calculus Trigonometry– DUAL
ART 1000- General Art Studio
PEAC 1305-Heavy Resistance Conditioning II
ACCT 1060-Practical Accounting II
PEAC 1008-Lifetime Sports
MUSC 1378- Band
MUSC 1400- Choir
CNTK 1510- Safety & Tools in Construction
CNTK 1520- Residential Blueprint Reading
PSYC 1000- General Psychology — DUAL for POLS 1000 students
or COSC 1200- Computer Information Systems– DUAL for POLS 1000 students
or BADM 1000- Introduction to Business– DUAL for POLS 1000 students