The First Roundtable…….

Monday, September 11th, 2017 • 8:26 am

NOTES From our meeting:

College studies need to connect students to an advisor.  It was once part of the curriculum but hasn’t been implemented in a while.  Vet Tech instructor provides points for College studies students to visit with the advisor.

DT:  Alumni organization is important and a priority of the college; its important to use alumni in the mentoring process and with recruitment.  Need to activate the individuals who signed up for the alumni committee.

Need to work on connecting concurrent students to the College.  Need to get concurrent students onto the campus.

Visitation Day’s:  need faculty support / open house for students / target home schoolers.

School Game Nights:  Need to get the schools involved with EWC athletics and get them to participate in sporting events.

Douglas community education programs, bring-in speakers and get individuals onto the campus.  Foundation has grant funds to be able help with innovation

EWC basketball team:  Have them visit Douglas as they have two local kids playing on the team.

College and the schools partner on a mentoring / career services pathway project

Technology Day:  Need to share data of attendees across all departments and develop a plan for each for follow-up and next connections.  Ag’s process / letter / phone call / tour invite.

Destination speaker i.e. Johnny cupcakes 400 kids…  think of a partnership

Summer institute:  Nursing by Sheridan College.. bring students in and provide them with CAN and other nursing opportunities.

Summer camps:  Target all disciplines and work at bring students to campus.  Ensure t-shirts or other EWC items to create a lasting EWC impression.

STEM Program for all females

Goshen County student’s do not want to come here…  important to get parents involved..  College experience dorms

Health fair / family fun day… Businesses and invite the community.  Job expo in connection with health fair.

Community ed programs are important to recruitment / basketball etc. provide opportunities.

WNCC has a summer science camp / need to get students hooked early

Events that were popular and could be at the College Rocket class / Harry Potter /

Target other H.S. events / clubs akin to what Ag is doing with FFA contests

Need to work on ensuring the connection of online students to the campus

Need to advertise at the movie theater

Flag pole for athletics and the possibility of EWC game day parties.


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