What’s really under the roof? Financing and selling the hidden benefits of homes in the Platte Valley

Monday, May 2nd, 2011 • 11:54 am

What’s really under the roof will be the topic of discussion at an upcoming symposium to be held at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming. Financing and hidden benefits of energy efficient homes in the Platte Valley will be held on Thursday, May 12th, from 8 am to 2 pm in the EWC Auditorium. This symposium is free and open to the public. Co-sponsor for the event is the Platte Valley Board of Realtors.
Registration will begin at 7:45 on the 12th with a welcome provided by EWC Division Chair Rick Vonburg at 8 am. Brenda Ilg, Program Manager for LIEAP and WAP, will provide the first session entitled Weatherization 101. This session will feature weatherization work being done in Wyoming as well general information about weatherization.
The second session will be presented by Steve Lieski, owner of Harmony Heating and Solar, and is entitled Marketing Energy Efficiencies to the Consumer – Why Realtors should care about Home Performance.
Christian Pritchett, Wyoming Community Development Authority, will present a session on Retrofitting Your Home While Navigating the Red Tape and Paperwork. This session will be followed by Jennifer Crawford, Wyoming Community Development, as she shares information on the Wyoming Energy Savers program.
Lunch will be provided and following the lunch break, Milton Geiger, Energy Extension Coordinator from the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service, will present on the Incentives and Financing available for Energy Efficiencies and Renewable Energy.
The day will be concluded with a session presented by Tim Nyquist, EWC Weatherization Instructor. This interactive session and will introduce the audience to the science behind weatherization and the tools used in the weatherization process. He will also share a follow-up session on the symposium.
For more information on this conference or to pre-register, please contact Ashley Harpstreith, EWC Workforce Development at 307.532.8366 or email her at workforce@ewc.wy.edu.

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