The purpose of this flexible program is to provide an individual with entry level business skills. It emphasizes the accounting, office management, and computer areas. It is designed for the student who does not intend to transfer to another college to earn a bachelor’s degree.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree, a grade of “C” or better must be received in each of the required courses, including electives.

Freshman Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
BADM 1000 – Introduction to Business 3
BADM 1005 – Business Mathematics I 3
BOTK 2750 – Records & Information Management 3
Freshman Foundations 1
Communications I 3
*Approved Electives 2
Total Credit Hours: 15

Freshman Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
**ACCT 1010 – Principles of Accounting I 3
BADM 1020 – Business Communications 3
CMAP 1610 – Windows 1
Constitutional Requirements 3
*Approved Electives 5
Total Credit Hours: 15

Sophomore Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
CMAP 1715 – Word Processing: MS Word 2
COSC 1200 – Computer Information Systems 3
ECON 1010 – Macroeconomics 3
INET 1580 – Web Page Authoring 2
*Approved Electives 5
Total Credit Hours: 15

Sophomore Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
ACCT 2110 – Microcomputer Accounting I 2
BOTK 1970 – Occupational Internship I 3
BADM 2395 – Business Office Capstone 3
CMAP 1765 – Spreadsheet Applications II: Excel 2
*Approved Electives 5
Outcomes Assessment: Electronic Portfolio
Total Credit Hours: 15


*For Associate of Applied Science in Business (non-transfer)—Seven (7) credits must be taken from approved business electives. Approved business electives may be from Computer Application (CMAP), Business Office Technology (BOTK), Accounting (ACCT), Business Administration (BADM), Management (MGT), Economics (ECON), Entrepreneurship (ENTR), Information Management (IMGT), Computer Science (COSC), Internet (INET), Marketing (MKT) or Technology (TECH 1750 or higher). Five-six (5-6) credits must be taken from the following categories: Social & Cultural Awareness, Arts & Humanities, Lab Science, or Physical Education Activity. The balance of electives may be taken from any course 1000 or above.

**ACCT 1010 may be taken in place of ACCT 1050and ACCT 1060.