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The EWC Foundation raises, receives, and manages private gifts to support programs and projects throughout the college for future needs.  The Foundation is made up of members from the Eastern Wyoming College service area and includes the President of the College. 

Special events sponsored by the Foundation raise funds for student opportunities at Eastern Wyoming College and provide opportunities for the community to enjoy a night out, or a day on the golf course. The Foundation receives significant local support from businesses and individuals through sponsorships and general support, and we sincerely thank those who have helped make these events so successful.

The Eastern Wyoming College Foundation was established in 1964 as an independent non-profit corporation with the purpose of engaging community interest and enhancing the quality and scope of EWC programs beyond state support. Our mission is to add the extra measure of quality that defines excellence in community college education, without supplanting state support. The Foundation raises, receives, and manages private gifts to support programs and projects throughout the College and to build a strong foundation for future needs.

The Foundation is comprised of 14 members from the Eastern Wyoming College service area, including the President of the College. Our primary areas of focus include:

  • Access to and support of educational opportunities through scholarships and support of student materials such as books and classroom materials, and through the acquisition of enhanced technology in support of classroom instruction.
  • Enhancement of overall educational quality, through procurement of specialized instructional equipment and support of faculty and staff development programs.
  • Enhancement of cultural awareness opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. 
  • When required, expansion of campus facilities through major campaigns.

EWC Foundation Investment and Endowment

The Eastern Wyoming College Foundation manages and invests private gifts such as endowments, trusts, outright gifts, reserves, and cash.  Our investment activity is conducted by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, and our investment policies are designed to preserve or increase the value of gifts for long-term support of our mission. Donors have the opportunity to create endowed funds in partnership with the Foundation, which is designed to provide permanent capital and a reliable source of future income for the college and its students. These endowed funds are not subject to reactive management based on changing economic trends, circumstances, or administrative changes within the Foundation or college. They are established with the intention of providing sustained support over the long term, ensuring stability and continuity in fulfilling the donor’s philanthropic goals.

Ways to Make a Contribution


Gifts of cash or check are the simplest way to contribute. Gifts may also be made by credit card by phone through the College’s office of Institutional Development. Checks should be made to the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation.


A pledge allows you to make a contribution over a period of time and can have a significant impact. Pledge reminders are sent to you on a schedule that you determine.


Gifts of appreciated securities held for at least one year are often advantageous to donors. In most cases the gift is valued at the current value of the security, however it will be valued for tax purposes at its original cost basis.

Real Estate and Tangible Property

The Foundation gladly accepts gifts of real estate or tangible property, subject to negotiation with the donor. Donors may benefit from significant tax advantages, similar to gifts of securities.

In-Kind Donations

The Foundation also accepts in-kind contributions to be used by the college or sold to support college programs. Examples of in-kind gifts include artwork, equipment, collectible books, or other valuable items. The Foundation cannot establish the value of in-kind gifts for tax purposes and must be valued by the donor.

Matching Gifts

Many companies and businesses offer their employees the opportunity to match charitable contributions. Gifts from employees can often be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Please contact your company’s Human Resources department to determine if this benefit is available.


Eastern Wyoming College has gratefully accepted many gifts in memory of family members or friends of donors. These gifts create a lasting legacy in honor or memory of individuals and can be applied as one-time gifts or used to create permanent endowments for scholarships or other college purposes.

This information is not intended to serve as legal advice. Please contact a licensed attorney for clarification of any information contained herein.

Estate and Planned Giving

Estate and planned giving offer a meaningful way to make a significant gift to the EWC Foundation either during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan. Planned gifts, such as will, life income gifts, and life insurance, provide unique opportunities for donors to contribute in powerful ways which may not be feasible in their current situation.

By working with qualified legal and financial counsel, a properly designed estate plan can not only allow you to provide for your family according to your wishes but also support charitable organizations important to you. Estate planning can also offer significant current and long-term tax advantages.

The EWC Foundation encourages you to involve your family and professional financial consultants and advisors, as well as the Office of Development at Eastern Wyoming College, in making philanthropic decisions through estate planning. Common vehicles for charitable giving through estate planning include wills and bequests, charitable trusts such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities, living trusts, and life insurance.

The EWC Foundation recognizes your decision involving estate planning and consideration needs to be given first of your family and heirs’ needs and wishes for the future. While charitable intentions can be included in your estate planning, we urge you to collaborate with your family as well as financial and legal advisors in making these important decisions.

Additional Ways to Give and Special Events

Sagebrush ‘n Roses

Eastern Wyoming College Foundation and the college’s agriculture department sponsor an annual fundraising event titled Sagebrush and Roses. This event not only raises funds for the agriculture program and its students but is a major social event for Goshen County. 

Learn More

EWC Foundation Golf Tournament

The annual EWC Foundation golf tournament raises funds for Foundation programs in support of EWC students. 

For more information on corporate and hole sponsorships or to enter a team, please contact the Foundation at (307) 532-8304

Two Eastern Wyoming College Golfers putting on a golf course

Contact the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation

Contact our institutional development staff to learn more about giving and upcoming giving opportunities.

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