The President’s Biography

Dr. Jeffry Hawes was raised on a family farm in Quincy, Michigan where he knew from an early age that he wanted to become a teacher. He has spent the past thirty years committed to teaching and learning as he worked closely with administration, faculty, and staff to deliver quality instructional programs that prepare students for their futures. Dr. Hawes graduated from Michigan State University where he dual majored in Agriculture and Extension Education and Agricultural Communications. Upon completion of his baccalaureate degrees, he taught at the secondary level for eight years in Michigan. He was recognized twice as a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Teacher of the Year. While teaching, Dr. Hawes earned a Master of Science in Agriculture and Extension Education at Michigan State University with a focus on secondary educational leadership and instructional pedagogy.

In 2000, Dr. Hawes accepted a position with Michigan State University where he served as an academic specialist providing leadership to the Michigan FFA Association, and he worked closely with the Agriculture and Natural Resources Education faculty to deliver agriculture programming. During his time at Michigan State University, Dr. Hawes completed his Ph.D. in Agriculture and Extension Education with an emphasis on leadership in higher education and research. In 2006, Dr. Hawes arrived at Black Hawk College, where he taught agriculture and horticulture career and transfer courses for thirteen years. In 2013, Dr. Hawes served as Interim Dean of Business Development and Technology and, after returning to faculty, he served as co-chair of the Agriculture Department and served as the East Campus Faculty Senate president and president of the Illinois Association of Community Colleges and Instructors of Agriculture. In 2019, Dr. Hawes accepted the position as Executive Dean of East Campus for Black Hawk College where he provides leadership for career and transfer programming and advocates for faculty, staff, and students alike.

Over the years, Dr. Hawes has served as the primary investigator for multiple grants focusing on career development and student achievement. He has led teams to redesign curriculum and complete accreditation processes for academic programs. Dr. Hawes has endeavored to be an innovative leader who has placed student learning as a top priority, developing strong partnerships within the college, as well as working closely with community partners and industry.

President’s Cabinet

John A. Hansen

Interim Vice President of Student and Academic Services
Phone: 307-532-8260

Patrick Korell

Interim Vice President of Administrative Services
Phone: 307-532-2481

Sally Watson

Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 307-532-8303

Tami Afdahl

Executive Dean of Student Services
Phone: 307-532-8257

Margaret Farley

Vice President of Douglas Campus
Phone: 307-624-7010

Roger Humphrey

Director of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 307-534-2425

Darryl Spitzer

Director of Human Resources
Phone: 307-532-8330

Brad Staman

Director of College Relations
Phone: 307-532-8206

Kwin Wilkes

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 307-532-8218

Tyler Vasko

Chief Information Officer
Phone: 307-532-8235

Past EWC Presidents

Lesley Travers


Richard Patterson


Tom Armstrong


Jack L. Bottenfield


Roy B. Mason


Guido E. Smith


Charles Rogers


Albert C. Conger