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Fall 2024

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing provides students with an opportunity to easily meet individuals from a variety of backgrounds, to establish lifetime friendships, and participate in a variety of social and educational activities. This experience in community living can be both enjoyable and rewarding for students, as well as convenient and economical.

Eastern Wyoming College has two residence halls on campus: Eastern Hall and Lancer Hall.  

Eastern Hall

Eastern Hall has double occupancy rooms with communal bathrooms for men and women on separate floors, as well as 2 bedroom (four-student) suites that share a bathroom.

Lancer Hall

Lancer Hall has 2 bedroom (four-student) suites that share a bathroom. Internet service is provided in each living space. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available in each building. Eastern Hall has a lounge with a television, DVD, Wii, refrigerator, and microwave on each floor, and a game room in the basement. Lancer Hall has lounges and study rooms in each wing and a kitchen in the Atkins Commons area.

Housing staff reside in each residence hall. Professional and student staff members are trained to assist students with concerns relating to their total college experience.

To enable the College to offer students the best food service possible at reasonable costs, EWC requires all students who reside on campus to participate in a meal plan, without exception. 

Motor Vehicle Information

Traffic/Parking: Students are subject to all Torrington traffic rules and regulations. Violations within the College area will be reported to the Torrington Police Department for whatever penalties may be imposed. Please remember that pedestrians have the right of way.

Residence hall students are required to leave their vehicles in the residence hall parking lots and not in the main campus parking lots. No parking is allowed in front of the main building along the drive. Parking spaces are marked and students may be ticketed if they park across the lines. Large vehicles and trailers must be parked in the unpaved areas west of CTEC or in marked parking lanes on West C Street.

The Torrington Police Department (TPD) will ticket violators who illegally park in spots reserved on campus for those individuals with proper handicapped permits on their vehicles. The TPD will also issue tickets to those individuals who park in the fire lanes on campus. If necessary, the TPD may also have the illegally parked vehicles towed in addition to ticketing.

Housing is reserved for students with a course load of at least 12 credit hours (full-time) only. EWC does not provide married/family student housing.

Housing security deposits should be made early to ensure room reservations. Housing Deposits can be made online at MyEWC. Instructions for mailing your security deposit will be displayed at the completion of this process.

A $150 security deposit MUST accompany the application for housing and will be refunded only if written notice of cancellation is provided to the Housing Office before July 1st for the Fall Semester and December 1st for the Spring Semester. Make checks payable to: Eastern Wyoming College.

The Housing Office makes reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Please explain any needs that you have in this regard on a separate sheet and attach it to this application. The College reserves the right to withhold housing accommodations to convicted felons.


We are here to help. Contact our housing staff.

Jimmy Rorabaugh

Director of Residence Life

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