The Lancer Quarterly, a new publication presented by the journalism students at Eastern Wyoming College, signals a philosophical departure from the “The Lance”, EWC’s newspaper that flourished during the 1980s and continued into the 2000s. While traditional beat news writing and reporting offered students great opportunities to learn the craft of writing under a strict deadline, to verify testimony while on a clock, and to create connections for future leads within the community, student readers’ need to get their news from college newspapers has declined. Frequent Facebook updates, college website posts, and Twitter feeds keep students apprised of current events faster than could a student newspaper.

Lancer Quarterly – Volume 2, Issue 2 – 2017 (pdf)

Lancer Quarterly – Volume 2, Issue 1 – 2017 (pdf)

Lancer Quarterly – Volume 1, Issue 1 – 2017 (pdf)