Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule

If your class regularly meets at: On: Then you final exam will be at: On:
7:00am, 7:30am, or 8:00am M,M-F, M-TH, MWF, MW, WF, W, or F 8:00-9:45am Wednesday, May 4
7:30am or 8:00am TTH, MTTHF 8:00-9:45am Thursday, May 5
9:00am MWF, MW, M, or F 8:00-9:45am Friday, May 6
9:00am MTF, M-F, MTTHF, TTH, or MTWTH 8:00-9:45am Tuesday, May 3
10:00am M-TH, MWF, or MW 10:00-11:45am Wednesday, May 4
10:00am or 10:30am TTH, MTTHF, or M-F 10:00-11:45am Thursday, May 5
11:00am or 11:30am M-F, MW, MF, or MWF 10:00-11:45 am Friday, May 6
11:00am M-TH, MTTHF, TH, or TTH 10:00-11:45am Tuesday, May 3
12 noon M-F, MW, MWF, M-TH, MTTHF, T, F, or TTH Noon-2:00pm Tuesday, May 3
12:30pm or 1:00pm M-F, MWF, MW, W, MF, or F 1:00-2:45pm Friday, May 6
12:30pm or 1:00pm M-TH, MTTHF, TTH, TTHF 1:00-2:45pm Tuesday, May 3
2:00pm or 2:30pm M-F, MWF, MW, M, W, or F 1:00-2:45pm Wednesday, May 4
2:00pm or 2:30pm M-TH, MTTHF, T, TH, or TTH 1:00-2:45pm Thursday, May 5
3:00pm or 3:30 pm M-F, MWF, MW, M, W, F or MF 3:00-4:45pm Wednesday, May 4
3:00pm, 3:30pm, or 4:00pm Any other combination of days 3:00-4:45pm Thursday, May 5
Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule
Notes Night Class    
Conflicts within programs are to be resolved by the instructors. Any night-final exam will be held during your last regular class time.
All exams will be given in the room in which the classes normally meet, unless otherwise arranged. M (night) Regular class time Monday, May 2
Lab finals will be given at the last scheduled lab session. MW, W (night) Regular class time Wednesday, May 4
Classes beginning at or after 4:15pm are to have their exams during the last scheduled class period on May 2, 3, 4, 5. TTH, T (night) Regular class time Tuesday, May 3
No final examinations will be rescheduled to accommodate travel arrangements that include leaving campus before your last scheduled exam. TH (night) Regular class time Thursday, May 5
A student who has more than two exams in one day may request an alternate time with the Vice President for Academic Services.
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