If you love animals, want to learn about animal medicine and laboratory techniques, and are looking for a rewarding and meaningful career, then you should consider becoming a veterinary technician or a veterinary aide. Students who enroll and graduate from the Eastern Wyoming College Veterinary Technology Program will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or a Veterinary Aide certificate.

In 1976, the EWC veterinary technology program was accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The Veterinary Technology program can be completed in four semesters or

students may choose to spread the coursework over five semesters. A one-year certificate program for Veterinary Aides is another option for students that choose this career path.

The Veterinary Technology Department at Eastern Wyoming College has a very active veterinary technology club. The students involved in this group participate in dog washes, concessions for many sports activities (including rodeos), and community service projects. As well as taking trips to various fun locations for participation in the previous activities, like  Las Vegas, and Orlando for sophomores to attend a veterinary conference of their choosing.

Program Benefits

  • Experienced and knowledgeable faculty
  • Two faculty veterinarians
  • Two faculty certified veterinary technicians
  • Animal caretaker that is a licensed veterinary technician
  • Full accreditation since 1976
  • Wide variety of small animals, livestock, lab and exotic species on campus
  • Small classes and laboratory limits to allow for personalized, hands-on training
  • Facilities include: laboratories, on-site surgical suite, digital radiography, dental radiography, on-site large animal surgical suite, and dental units
  • Cost effective program with financial aid and scholarships available
  • Associate of Applied Science degree for veterinary technicians
  • Excellent pass rate on the National Veterinary Technology Exam:
    • Number of first-time candidates that have taken the VTNE: 34
    • Three-year Pass Rate on VTNE: 88.2% (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017)

Admission Requirements

All veterinary technology students will be required to take the Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) prior to enrollment into the veterinary technician program. This exam is designed to help faculty advise students, as to the best pathway for success, in the program. The HOAE may be taken at Eastern Wyoming College or arrangements may be made for off-site testing. For more information about the HOAE, please contact Susan Walker, D.V.M. at 307-532-8279, or to schedule a time to take the HOAE, please contact Jo Ellen Keigley at 307.532.8288.

Many Veterinary Technology courses within the program require working with animals; therefore, completion of VTTK 0005 Pre-exposure Rabies Vaccination series is required.

Background Check

Criminal background checks (VTTK 2005 Pre-Screen for Veterinary Technology) are required prior to entry into this program. The background check covers sexual offender information, general
criminal history, and adult and child neglect information.

Veterinary Technology Department
Mission Statement
 The mission of the Veterinary Technology Department at Eastern Wyoming College is to provide our students with the highest level of education necessary to promote ethical, professional, and humane animal care to domestic, companion, research and exotic animals. Graduates of the program will leave with the knowledge and skill required to succeed in the veterinary industry.


Recommended Registration Options

The veterinary technology field is an amazing and rewarding career path. The EWC Vet Tech Department encourages prospective students to explore this career field. It is recommended that incoming students should spend at least one week (40hrs) or more working or observing Veterinary Medicine.

Ideally, this experience would be

achieved under the supervision of a credentialed veterinary technician. Students that participate, gain knowledge and experience prior to starting their first semester. Upon completion of this experience, new students will begin their Orientation to Veterinary Technology (VTTK 1500) lecture class with 25 extra credit points. Those students interested in this path should fill out the Clinical Observation Form and contact Cristi Semmler prior to beginning your work experience.