Eastern Wyoming College Announces Candidates for Graduation

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 • 11:51 am

Eastern Wyoming College held the 62nd annual commencement for candidates on May 6th, 2011 in the Fine Arts Auditorium. This year’s commencement speaker was The Honorable Marilyn S. Kite, Supreme Court Justice of Wyoming. There were a total of 172 candidates this year. The candidates for graduation from the Fall 10, Spring 11 and Summer 11 semesters are as follows:
A.A. – Associate of Arts A.S. – Associate of Science A.A.S. – Associate of Applied Science C – Certificate
From Torrington, WY: Julie Abernathy, A.A., Brent Albert, C., Jeshua Arnusch, A.A., Jessica Arnusch, A.A., Cody Avery, C, Lynn Bedient, A.A.S., Tyler Braisted, A.S., Justin Briggs, C., Justin Browning, A.A., Nathan Chapman, A.A.S., Dustin Cook, A.A., Aaron Courtney, A.A., Danna Croswell, A.S., Jennifer Deines, A.S., Peter Dikeman, A.A., Trisha Fegler, A.A., Rinnelle Felices, A.S., Alicia Foster, A.A., Lucas Foster, A.A., Laura Gill, A.S., Marsha Ginther, A.A.S., Nicholas Hamel, C., Amber Hanson, C., Steve Huckfeldt, A.A.S., Ty Jenkins, A.A.S., Kimberly Jones, C., Callie Jones-Hughes, A.A.S., Jennifer Koehler, A.A.S., Jessica Koenig, A.A., Daniel Lira, C., Annie Maciejewski, A.A.S., Michael Martinez, C., Bryan Morehouse, A.S., Leah Nelson, A.A.S. Leslie Nichols, A.A., Michael Norton, A.A.S., Lisa Nuss, A.A., Jared Odekoven, A.A.S., Tiana Perales, A.A.S., Chase Potter, A.A., Beau Rabe, A.A.S. and C., Dawson Reece, A.A.S., JoAnn Robbins, C., Jana Ross, A.A., Dana Rowland, A.A.S., Jared Schilling, A.A.S., John Shields, A.A., Shaina Starr, A.S., Maria Stoeger, A.A., Amber Strom, A.A.S., Merissa Stromberg, A.A., Joshua Swisher, C., Angela Tolman, A.A., Jacque VanZee, A.A.S., Benjamin Vetter, A.S., Shane Viktorin, A.A., Jimi Wesch, A.A., Amanda Williams, A.A., Christopher Williams, A.A., Kelsey Wise, A.A., Ashley Wood, A.A., Erin Yeik, A.A.
From Big Horn, WY: Sammie Perkins, A.S.
From Casper, WY: Andrew Kennedy, A.A.
From Cheyenne, WY: Ty Jenkins, A.A.S., Michael Krasovich, A.A.S., Johnathan Perry, A.A.S., Paula Rector, A.A., Joseph Sara, C.
From Douglas, WY: Rhonda Akin, A.A., Melody Bachus, A.S., Kristin Blake, A.A., Maggi Blankenship, A.S., Patricia Bledsoe, A.A., Amanda Brost, A.S., Melinda Brown, A.A., Teresa Chizek, A.A., Athena Cook, A.A., Ember Crispell, A.S., Jessica Cross, A.A., Kevin DeBruler, C., Heather Dryden, A.A., Eric Griffitts, A.S., Stephanie Hill, A.A., Travis Hodge, A.S., Jamie Nachtman, C., Leesa Newton, A.A., Toni Skaggs, A.A., Michael Warren, A.A.S., Neacole Wibberg, A.S.
From Ft. Laramie, WY: Jacob Anderson, A.S.
From Gillette, WY: Jayde Schelling A.A.
From Glenrock, WY: Crystal Baldwin, A.A., Levi Huston, C.
From Hawk Springs, WY: Kayleen Stevens, A.A.
From Hulett, WY: Laura Lynn, A.A.
From Jay Em, WY: Chase Potter, A.A.
From Kemmerer, WY: Kylor Schrater, A.A.S.
From Laramie, WY: Megan Farmer-Hoskins, C., Matthew Parker, C.
From Lingle, WY: Amy Gibbs, A.A., Ericha Kurtz, A.A.S., Jessica Payne, A.A., Lacey Peterson, A.A., Celsie Steinmetz, A.A.S.
From Lusk, WY: Zachary Atwood, A.S., Vicki Eaton, A.A., Valerie West-Ford, A.A.
From Moorcroft, WY: Seth Ferrell, A.S.
From Newcastle, WY: Kurtis Alexy, C., LaTasha Bertsch, A.S., Rafe Cooper, C., Joshua Crimm, C., Nicole Doell, A.S., Aaron Miracle, C., Daniel Neal, C., Elizabeth Neate, A.A.S., Steven Wassegijig, C.
From Pinedale, WY: Kori Hunt, A.A.S.
From Powell, WY: Rachelle Ferguson, A.A.S.
From Riverton, WY: Britte Emerson, A.A.S.
From Saratoga, WY: Lindsey Kawcak, C.
From Sundance, WY: Jessica Billingsley, A.A.S.
From Wheatland, WY: Katlynn Aastrom, A.A.S., Alysha Brown, A.A.S., Brady Cochran, C., Latisha Crossman, A.A.S., Joanne Vineyard, A.S.
From Yoder, WY: Aaron Weglin, A.A., Shelby Weyrich, A.A.
From Crawford, NE: Cory Harwood, A.A.S., Cody Serres, A.A.S.
From Elsie, NE: Adam Lee, A.A.S.
From Gering, NE: Ashley Nau, A.A.S.
From Henry, NE: Taylor Allbright, A.A.
From Kilgore, NE: Debra Hafer, A.A.
From Lyman, NE: Katie Hort, A.S.
From Mitchell, NE: Austin Allbaugh, A.A.S., Nichole Asmus, A.A., Kellie Laughner, A.A., Nathan Pfortmiller, C.
From Morrill, NE: Tyler Rushman, A.A.S.
From Ogallala, NE: Alexia Welsh, A.A.
From Scottsbluff, NE: Will Hackleman, A.A.S., Wendy Herman, A.A.S.
From Thedford, NE: Mariah Sawyer, A.A.
From Valentine, NE: Ariel Gass, A.A.
From Cortez, CO: Stacey Bradford, A.A.
From Cripple Creek, CO: Morgan Chapman, A.A.
From Durango, CO: Travis Zellitti, A.A.S., and C.
From Kiowa, CO: Zachary Young, A.S.
From Lakewood, CO: Krystal Pittman, A.A.
From Longmont, CO: Marissa Mangelsen, A.A.S.
From Paoli, CO: Gade Groshans, A.A.S.
From Parachute, CO: Brittney Hall, C.
From Wellington, CO: Kayla Durham, A.A.
From Faith, SD: Tyson Donovan, A.A.S., Anita Hulm, A.A.
From Hot Springs, SD: Clay Edgar, C.
From Lemmon, SD: Matthew Schackow, A.A.
From Spearfish, SD: Lydia Darling, A.A.S.
From Twin Falls, ID: Erica Coats, A.A.
From Tetonia, ID: Sarah Smith, A.S.
From Melstone, MT: Stephanie Newman, A.S.
From Polson, MT: Amanda Hahn, A.A.
From Stanford, MT: Chelsi Polzin, A.A.S
From Whitehall, MT: Eli Olind, A.A.S.
From Burns, OR: Joni Dellera, A.A.S.
From Delta, UT: Max Johnson, A.S.
From Belgrade, Serbia: Ivan Simic, A.S.

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