EWC celebrates Social Justice Month

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 • 12:22 pm

As part of its diversity initiative, EWC is focusing on learning about and raising awareness of social justice for the month of March.  Activities for social justice month include creation of visual displays, providing t-shirts with a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr., and attending the Shepard Symposium for Social Justice in Laramie March 28-31.  Social justice month activities are being co-sponsored by the Diversity Committee, the EWC Student Senate and the Gay Straight Alliance, whose advisors are working toward a hate-free, tolerance rich campus to achieve true diversity.
One display is on exhibit in the Verl Petsch Jr. Activities Center across from the Student Services office. It is a collection of 3D sculptures with quotes and images with the theme of “dismantling boxes”. Students used card board box bases as their means of communicating messages about social justice.
These sculptures were created by the following students:
American Government; Sarah Allenby, Holly Alverez, Brett Cass, Harlee Cushman, Austin Daley, Shelby David, Sarah Foster, Adam Kerney, Chance Klinghorn, Megan Kuhnel, Dylan Prahl, Rachel Ridolfi, Thomas Roberts, Mackenzie Ryan, Christopher Taylor, Tyler Werner, Nancy Woodruff, Lane Young, Cynthia Ford, Mara Garcia, Brittany Holtz,
Addison Madden, Jewel McBroom, Kimberly Meyer, Luke Newsom, Jessica Palato, Melinda Reckard, Michael Shields, David Swick, Caleb Wiggins, Augustus Wilkinson.
Sculpture students:
 Michael Martinez, Chandler Smith, Brandi Graybill, Carrie Spurgin, Josh Minter, Garrett Bronec, Teal Deen, Marie Garner, Precious Big Eagle, Kendra Hart.

For more information about Social Justice Month contact Ellen Creagar at 307.532.8345 or ellen.creagar@ewc.wy.edu

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