EWC Douglas Campus Building – Rising out of the ground

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 • 12:59 pm

One of the inside walls of the Workforce Laboratory space at the new EWC campus.

One of the inside walls of the Workforce Laboratory space at the new EWC campus.

The first “above-ground level” construction of the new Eastern Wyoming College Douglas Campus reveals the workforce laboratory space. This large space will house eight welding booths and allow for other flexible space which will help meet the demands of workforce training when the new campus opens in the spring of 2015.

EWC officials anticipate that certificate programs such as the Plate Welding Certificate will provide new workers with skills in shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, flux core arc, and print reading and welding symbols. In addition, three pipe welding courses will place emphasis on producing high quality groove welds on open root steel pipe, root mild steel pipe, and provide fundamentals of layout and fabrication of a weldment consisting of plate and typical pipe connections. The staff and administration anticipate working closely with industry to meet the needs of the oil and gas workers in Converse County and surrounding areas.

The new campus is approximately one month ahead of schedule according to EWC officials. Just this past week, a large crane was moved in to start setting the steel infrastructure of the building. Upon completion, the building will contain a traditional classroom wing, administrative wing, and the workforce laboratory and classroom space.

Dr. Dee Ludwig, Vice President for Learning at EWC indicated that other curriculum and program additions are in progress. She added, “We are anticipating ordering the equipment and finalizing the classroom furniture and fixtures within the next few weeks. In working with the Converse County community and the Douglas Advisory Council, you can sense the pride and excitement that will become part of the legacy of this new campus.”

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