EWC English Instructor John Nesbitt announces new book

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 • 9:34 am

Death in Cantera by John D. Nesbitt

Cover art for Death in Cantera

Eastern Wyoming College Instructor John Nesbitt has released a new hardcover novel.  Death in Cantera is the fifth hardcover Nesbitt has written with his current publisher and is a sequel to Dark Prairie.

“I like this book,” shared Nesbitt.  “Of course my newest book is always my favorite.  I felt like this book was harder to write, so I think I did it better.  I have a good feeling about it.  Ultimately, though, someone else is the judge.”

This newest novel is a western murder-mystery of an old crime which has gone unsolved.  The main character, Dunbar, is a fellow who comes to town and becomes interested in the questionable death of a little boy which appears to be at the hands of someone other than the accused individual in prison.  The setting is in Wyoming in the 1890’s and takes place near a rock-quarry.

“It is an interesting topic to write about,” said Nesbitt.  “No matter how old the wrong is, a person should not think he or she could out live it.”

Death in Cantera is written from the perspective of a narrator who is a person living in the town.  There are challenges in writing with the voice of a narrator.  Important developments have to happen in his presence, and he wonders why Dunbar came to this town and what it is that might be of interest to him.

Nesbitt is currently working on the third book in this series. This is the twenty-fourth traditional western he has written.

Persons interested in obtaining a copy of Death in Cantera can find the book in most libraries, on Amazon, and other book outlets, or books may be purchased directly from Nesbitt.

As an added opportunity, Eastern Wyoming College will host the Western Writers of America for a brief event on campus this summer in June.  Watch for further details as the public will be invited to meet the authors who are visiting.

Nesbitt teaches English and Spanish courses at the college.

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