EWC hosts criminal justice workshop

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 • 10:49 am

Criminal Justice Workshop

Dawn Sides shares ideas with those attending the Criminal Justice workshop. Also joining Sides on the Women in Criminal Justice panel were (left to right) Susan Wilson, Dana Lent, Kim Dyer and Sides.

Eastern Wyoming College and the Wyoming Criminal Justice Association recently hosted over 60 attendees at a criminal justice workshop held on campus in Torrington.

Attendees participated in training in the following areas:  “Women in Criminal Justice,” Security Treat Groups,” and “Self-Care for Criminal Justice Professionals.”

There were over 60 individuals who participated in the workshop.  There were representatives from law enforcement, department of corrections, social services, and others.

Presenters and Panel Members were:

Captain Seth Norris, Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution
Kathy Majerus, Wyoming Psychotherapist
Julie Tennant-Caine, Wyoming Department of Corrections-Deputy Prison Administrator
Dawn Sides, Wyoming Department of Corrections Probation and Parole-Field Service Administrator
Dana Lent, Wyoming Attorney
Susan Wilson, Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer
Kim Dyer, Wyoming Department of Family Services-Social Services Supervisor.

“The criminal justice fraternity in our area has long enjoyed consistent and dependable support from the community and EWC,” shared EWC criminal justice instructor Larry Curtis.  “With the increased number of Corrections experts joining law enforcement, legal, juvenile justice and social service professionals combined with the growth of women in Wyoming criminal justice positions – the idea for this workshop seemed natural.”

Curtis went on to add, “The criminal justice discussions were educational and informative and ranged from serious to light hearted.  Many of the participants had a chance to express their personal stories and support each other.  Which at the end of the day is what an education is all about—helping each other.”

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