EWC Livestock Show Team places at National Livestock Shows

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 • 10:42 am

The Eastern Wyoming College Show Team traveled to The Arizona and Denver National Livestock Shows and brought home several awards.

Cassidy Butcher, 4th High Senior Overall.

Cassidy Butcher, 4th High Senior Overall.

Thirteen students represented EWC at the Arizona National Livestock Show in Phoenix, AZ. They included Lane Barker, sophomore, Evanston, WY; Cassidy Butcher, freshman, Morrill, NE; Myca Cantrell, freshman, Oral, SD; Jory Carson, sophomore, Lynch, NE; Shelby Cranston, sophomore, Moorcroft, WY; Brawley Darby, sophomore, Paulden, AZ; Kort Gartrell, sophomore, Paxton, NE; Jaxson Heyrend, sophomore, Evanston, WY; Hunter Hill, sophomore, Scottsbluff, NE; Santiago Ramos, sophomore, Bridgeport, NE; Lukas Simmons, freshman, Bear River, WY; Nadine Sylva-Brown, freshman, Elkton, MD; and Cody Young, freshman, Evanston, WY.

EWC Judging Team, front row left to right Jaxon Hayrend, Kort Gartrell, Hunter Hill, standing, Jory Carson

EWC Judging Team, front row left to right Jaxon Hayrend, Kort Gartrell, Hunter Hill, standing, Jory Carson

The Arizona National Livestock Show Skill-A-Thon is a hands-on competition designed to reward outstanding young people who possess the skills and knowledge essential for efficient and humane production of livestock in a seedstock or commercial operation.  The competition consists of both team and individual events. Collegiate students complete two team activities and three individual activities.

Santiago Ramos at swine show

Santiago Ramos at swine show

High Individual – Jory Carson, High Team – Shelby Cranston, Hunter Hill, Jaxson Heyrend, Nadine Sylva-Brown.

Show Team: Market Goat Show:  Class placings. Jory Carson 7th, Kort Gartrell 8th, Myca Cantrell 9th, Cassidy Butcher 10th. The 7th and 9th place finishes were goats from EWC nannies. Also, showing market goats were Jaxson Heyrend and Lukas Simmons.

Market Goat Showmanship:  Cassidy Butcher, 4th High Senior Overall.

Market Swine Show:  Class placings:  Santiago Ramos, 11th

Club Calf Show:  Reserve Champion Black Steer, Reserve Champion Colored Steer and Champion Club Calf Heifer (calves were provided by Steben Cattle Company from Torrington, Wyoming) Calves provided by Myca Cantrell, Dustin and Kayla Brown were two of the highest selling calves in the club calf sale.

Market Lamb Show: Lukas Simmons and Cassidy Butcher exhibited

Junior Breeding Sheep Show:  Hunter Hill exhibited a ewe lamb provided by SPY Club Lambs from Evanston, Wyoming.

Open Breeding Sheep Show: Champion Dorset Ram, Champion and Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe, Champion Lamb Flock and Premier Dorset Exhibitor.  The sheep were provided by SS Livestock from Powell, Wyoming.

Livestock Judging Team: Cassidy Butcher, Myca Cantrell, Jory Carson, Kort Gartrell, Jaxson Heyrend

Hunter Hill, Santiago Ramos, Lukas Simmons, and Nadine Sylva-Brown

At the National Western Stock Show held in Denver, CO, Livestock Judging team members attending were Jory Carson, Kort Gartrell, Jaxson Heyrend, and Hunter Hill.

The show team members that attended were, Myca Cantrell, Jory Carson, Brawley Darby, Kort Gartrell, Jaxon Heyrend and Lukas Simmons.

Reserve champion any other Meat Breed Ram and Champion any other Meat Breed Ewe. The sheep were provided by SS Livestock of Powell, WY. Myca Cantrell placed 8th with her Any Other Purebred Meat Breed Ewe Lamb in the Junior Ewe Lamb Show.

The show team is done for the 2017-2018 academic year. The judgers competed at the Iowa Beef Expo and Nebraska’s Cattlemen’s Classic. Their last contest will be at the NACTA in Norfolk, NE in April.

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