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EWC Board of Trustees issue statement

October 11, 2021

The Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees would like to release the following statement:

The Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees, as a whole, recognizes the incredible hardship that the pandemic, over the last 20 months, has brought to the EWC community. Students, faculty, staff and administrators have faced severe budget cuts, health crises, supply chain issues, a divided public over the best course of action for all and a very disruptive cyber event.

Along the way there have been a lot of questions and concerns raised about the decisions made during this tumultuous time. None of the decisions made over the past several months have been easy, not without compromise or heartburn. The Board of Trustees has been engaged in thoughtful and meaningful discussions with Dr. Travers and the administration every step of the way. We have full confidence in Dr. Travers and the leadership team and their ability to lead EWC. The board stands by the difficult choices that we have made.

The entire country, and the community colleges have not been exempt, have faced challenges never before seen. The Boards’ goal, shared by the President, is to help ensure EWC comes out of the pandemic as a stronger and nimbler institution that continues to provide high quality education to our students. Only by working together as students, faculty staff and leadership can we accomplish that goal.

We especially want to share that we recognize the diligent effort and commitment of ALL EWC employees to bring us through these trying times. It is imperative that all students, faculty, staff, administration and Dr. Travers know that they continue to have our full support.

Respectfully submitted by the Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees

Mr. Robert Baumgartner, Chair
Dr. Judith Bartmann, Vice Chair
Mr. Tom John McCreery, Treasurer
Mr. Randy Adams, Secretary
Mr. John Patrick, member
Mr. Kurt Sittner, member
Mr. Mike Varney, member
Mr. Jim Willox, Converse County Advisory Member

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