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EWC Community Education highlights upcoming Mindful Doodling class

February 22, 2019

The Community Education office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is offering the following class.

Mindful Doodling?  Isn’t doodling something we do while we are thinking about something else? Yes, doodling is usually an unconscious activity, with the results often being something we just toss away.

Mindful doodling is about drawing each mark with conscious intention, thinking about the starting point and following through to the end point of the mark. You are really focusing on what your hand is doing and the mark your pen is making on the paper.

This focus allows you to shut out the outside world and concentrate on your inner world.  So where does creating a mandala come in?  Once you’ve made the switch to mindful doodling, you can focus on the meditative aspect of the practice and let your subconscious determine the lines, shapes, and patterns of your doodle.

What you have in the end of each mindful doodling session is a geometric pattern that is a representation of your unconscious self.  Sound a bit like mediation?  You bet it does, with all stress reduction we expect of meditation.  Instructor, Catherine Redfern will help set the stage for you to get the most out of this form of meditation, providing you with guidance in getting to the best frame of mind to let your creative flow and relaxation begin. All supplies will be provided.

This class will be held Mondays, March 4, 11, 18, and 25 from 6-8:00 pm. The cost is $55.

To register for this class or others, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8323 or stop by to visit them in the CTEC building at 3200 West C Street in Torrington.

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