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EWC connection to the National Student Clearinghouse for transcripts re-established

May 6, 2022

Eastern Wyoming College is pleased to announce that the connection with the National Student Clearinghouse for student transcripts has been re-established. The connection had been impacted by the cyber-event which took place in June 2021. Beginning Monday, May 9, 2022, the EWC Records Office will no longer be sending paper transcripts of student’s grades to transferring colleges and universities, potential employers and others. The agreement with the National Student Clearinghouse will allow for the issuance of transcripts electronically which will decrease the time necessary for sending and receiving transcripts. The cost of this service will be $7.25 per transcript which will be paid to the Clearinghouse.

Students can access the National Student Clearinghouse directly for transcripts or they may use the transcript link on the EWC website at

With this change, EWC joins all of the other Wyoming Community Colleges in issuing electronic transcripts. When ordering transcripts from the Clearinghouse, students will have the option of sending and/or receiving them electronically, in paper format or the pick them up at the EWC Records Office on the main campus in Torrington.

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