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EWC highlights upcoming Community Education classes

August 14, 2019

The Community Education office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is offering the following classes.

Power Yoga
Instructor: Catherine Redfern
Power Yoga is a fitness-based yoga practice, building internal body heat, increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility. It moves quickly, is an intense workout that will make you sweat, is great for strength training and makes you feel energized. This level of yoga requires you to be moderately fit as the poses are more physically intense. Limited adaptations & modified can be made to poses based on individual needs.

Date:   Monday/Wednesday, August 19 to October 10   no class 9/2
Time:   8:15-9:15am
Cost: $75 (15 sessions)
Location:  FA 47

Gentle Yoga
Instructor: Sandra Huckfeldt
Gentle Yoga encourages a highly individualized approach to practice with an on-going encouragement to make moment-to-moment adjustments, slight modifications of the standard poses of hatha yoga.

Date: Tuesday/Thursday, August 20 to October 10
Time:  7:00-8:00 am
Cost:   $80 (16 sessions)
Location:  FA 47 Dance Room

Men Only Yoga
A yoga class designed just for men! Build flexibility and strength through an active vinyasa practice with a variety of poses and sequences. Get your heart rate up and break a sweat in this early morning workout. Yoga is one of the few physical activities that has a “de-compacting” effect on the body & counters the effects of gravity associated activities such as running or jogging, and provides much needed “symmetry relief” to such asymmetric endeavors as racquet sports and golf, which torque the spine in only one direction. And the best part is you don’t even have to be able to touch your toes!

Date: Tuesday/Thursday, August 20 to October 10
Time:  5:45-6:45 am
Cost:   $80 (16 sessions)
Location:  FA 47 Dance Room

Mixed Level Yoga

Increase your balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina. Help alleviate stress, worry, fatigue, pain, insomnia and promote general well-being in the body, mind, and spirit.   This class meets the needs of individuals with varying levels of yoga experience.

Date: Tuesday/Thursday, August 20 to October 10
Time:  5:15-6:15 pm
Cost:   $80 (16 sessions)
Location:  FA 47 Dance Room

To register for these classes or others, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8323 or stop by the CTEC building at 3200 West C Street in Torrington.

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