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EWC student commissioned for artwork project at County library

June 9, 2020

EWC student Winter Hunt explains her artwork created for the Goshen County Library

EWC student Winter Hunt explains her artwork created for the Goshen County Library

Eastern Wyoming College student Winter Hunt, Torrington, has kicked her business off as an artist before she even completed her associate’s degree. Hunt was contacted by Ellen Creagar, EWC Instructor and President of the Goshen County Library Board for a project.

“I went to John Cline, EWC Art Instructor and asked him if he would recommend any students for a project at the Library,” shared Creagar. “He recommended Winter right away. I had the pleasure of already knowing her from class so it was a good fit.”

The Goshen County Library has taken on several remodeling and modernizing projects and were specifically seeking an artist to create something special for the entry of the newly remodeled children’s area of the Library. Hunt met with Creagar and members of the committee that designed the children’s room. Through their collaboration and concept sketches, they landed on the perfect idea for the space.

The acrylic paint and foam board structure encases the doorway into the children’s area. It is a two-dimensional display of books that transitions to three-dimensional across the top of the doorway. The colorful display contains some of Hunts favorite book covers as well as many books found right in the Library. Not all titles are real books.

“This is the biggest project I’ve ever done,” said Hunt. “It took me a few weeks and I am still finishing up some details before I put the final coat of varnish on it. Personally, this was a long, painful process and as an artist I will always think it could be better but I really like how it turned out.”

Creagar added, “It was really cool to watch her sketch come to life and to end up even better than we all could have imagined. We are so happy with it.” She also shared that they are planning on working with Hunt on a couple of additional murals on the outside of the Library building.

“Winter is what I call a ‘true’ art major. She is motivated, talented, and she can quickly adapt to any artistic situation that she faces,” shared Cline. “The library mural is quite in line with her way of working, and represents well her ability to bring a personal style to a project in a way that also respects the needs of the space in which she is working. This mural beautifully captures the sense of wonder and adventure appropriate for a library. I also know Winter to be an avid reader, so I can’t imagine a more perfect public debut of her work than this library.”

EWC President, Dr. Lesley Travers added the following, “We are so proud of Winter and the wonderful community collaboration between the Goshen County Library and EWC. She is receiving well deserved recognition for her beautiful work.”

Hunt will complete her art degree at EWC at the conclusion of the Summer 2020 semester.

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