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Travers appointed to Wyoming Retirement System Board

March 23, 2021

Dr. Lesley Travers

Dr. Lesley Travers

Eastern Wyoming College President Dr. Lesley Travers has been appointed to serve on the Wyoming Retirement System Board by the Honorable Governor Mark Gordon.

As part of the 11-member board, Travers will participate in decision making activities affecting approximately 74,000 members both active and retirees of the eight defined benefit plans and the deferred compensation program that make up the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS). She will be serving on the Legislative and Benefits Committee and the 457 Deferred Compensation committee.

WRS is governed by the Wyoming Retirement Board of Trustees, whose duty is to manage WRS assets and liabilities to keep the retirement plans financially sound.  Trustees are fiduciaries and required by law to act in the best financial interest of WRS members.  The Board is comprised of the State Treasurer and ten other members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.  Five members are appointed from constituent groups with some connection to the system and five are at-large members who are known for their public spirit and business or professional ability and at least two of who have professional expertise in investments and finance.  The Board employs an Executive Director who oversees a staff of about 40 employees.  WRS reports annually to the Joint Appropriations Committee.

Travers will be representing the higher education membership.  Some facts about WRS Members:  71,059 are public employee pension plan, the largest member group in the WRS is from the education field; 765 retirees are over the age of 90; 21 retirees are over the age of 100 and the oldest retiree is 108.  WRS benefits make an economic impact in which $680 million paid annually by WRS and $533 million is paid to retirees living in Wyoming.

This is the fourth governor appointment Travers has received. She shared the following on her appointment “This is an incredible opportunity to belong to a board that is so vibrant and active in Wyoming.  This is a remarkable value to Wyoming employees in which only 30% of the benefits paid come from contributions and 70% comes from investment earnings.  This is a very active and knowledgeable board.”

This is a two-year appointment through 2023.

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