EWC starting gunsmithing program at Douglas campus

Monday, March 5th, 2018 • 2:14 pm

Eastern Wyoming College received approval from the Wyoming Community College Commission and EWC Board of Trustees to offer a Gunsmithing Program at the Douglas Campus.

The Gunsmithing A.A.S. program will prepare students to make, reproduce, maintain and modify firearms according to blueprints or custom specifications using specialized hand tools and machines. This program will provide students with hands-on training to learn the gunsmithing trade and skills to gain employment as a gunsmith.

The students will be able to demonstrate proper use of special gunsmithing tools; which includes filing and stoning techniques, firearms parts and proper terminology, locking systems, action types, feed mechanisms, ballistic basics, cartridges and powders and their evolution, primers and bullet types.

The program will teach students welding techniques (TIG, oxyacetylene/arc, brazing), machining safety and use, ability to re-barrel, read and complete blueprints. Students will develop and implement a business plan that would include setting up a gunsmithing business. Additionally they will demonstrate professional gun cleaning, stock development/refinishing and accuracy for glass bedding rifle stock knowledge. All gunsmithing students will meet general education requirements per the EWC Catalog for A.A.S. programs.

“When I started at EWC, the Douglas campus was searching for another program to add to their nursing program and gunsmithing seemed to fit the bill”, stated Dr. Travers, President of EWC. “We are going to be working with several gun manufacturers and hope to grow a well-trained and diverse workforce.”

The Converse County campus advisory board has been very supportive of this program development and the program has received strong support by the county commissioners, city administrators and community members.

For more information about this new program, please call Margaret Farley, at the Douglas Campus, 307.624.7000.

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