EWC Welcomes DOC to Campus

Monday, September 14th, 2009 • 11:20 am

September 14, 2009
EThe partnership between Eastern Wyoming College the Wyoming Department of Corrections became even strong this past week as individuals from the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI) began operating out of temporary offices located on the main campus in Torrington. There are a total of eleven WMCI employees who will be working out of offices at EWC until October 15.
“I am grateful to Dr. Armstrong and the EWC staff for the privilege and opportunity to temporarily work out of EWC. I think this is just the beginning of a great partnership between Eastern Wyoming College and the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution,” shared WMCI Warden Michael Murphy. “The EWC staff has been very friendly, gracious, and helpful in getting us set up and oriented to the college.”
A total of fifteen WMCI employees are stationed in Torrington; eleven are located at EWC. Persons interested in employment can contact the WMCI personnel office located at the WDOC Field Services Office at 1610 East M Street, Torrington, Wyoming; telephone 307.575.6969 or 307.575.6970.
EWC and the WDOC have worked together in the past on several joint ventures; including a current project that involves the College’s mobile welding lab. It is currently stationed in Newcastle at the Wyoming Honor Conservation/Boot Camp where shielded metal arc welding training is taking place.

Another exciting example of this partnership involves EWC Criminal Justice Instructor Dr. Rick Patterson. Dr. Patterson is currently on a sabbatical for one year. During this time he is working with the WDOC providing training and observing the opening of the WMCI in Torrington.

“Eastern Wyoming College understands its role in providing appropriate training and educational opportunities for the new prison’s multiple constituencies: correctional officers and staff, inmates, and relatives present in the community. Understanding some inherent and structural limitations, we will be open, innovative, and flexible. Creative funding is critical to establish efficient programming. Both Warden Murphy and Deputy Warden Mike Pacheco are excellent leaders with energy and vision; we all have the opportunity to make a difference in shaping lives and make a difference in our community,” added EWC President Dr. Tom Armstrong about the partnership.
The WMCI temporary offices are located in the Tebbet building in room 132.

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