Las Vegas Tragedy

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 • 1:26 pm

Last week two board members and I left for Las Vegas for the ACCT (Association of Community College Trustees) Conference.  We left on Sunday, September 24th and returned home on Thursday, September 28th.  The three of us were quite excited about these training opportunities.  Kriss Hovis, Marilyn Fisher and yours truly covered the days nicely.  We split up and attended as many break-outs as we could.  It was an exciting time for us.  Evenings found us walking all around the strip and enjoying our time away.  We returned to Torrington only to find out that 60 people had been killed and 500 others injured by a madman.  It has been bittersweet since our return.  Vegas is an interesting city with lots of things to do….. free (Bellagio fountains) and big bucks (some of the Vegas-sized shows).  The slaughter at the country-western concert has left many of us wondering.

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