The Academic Services area is dedicated to serving our communities in our 16,000 square mile service area.  We are here to help you succeed and achieve your academic and life enrichment goals.

Chief academic officer, Heidi Edmunds, Vice President for Academic Services leads the College’s efforts as we seek to grow enrollment, expand distance learning, and serve all of our communities.

Heidi Edmunds

Heidi Edmunds - Vice President for Academic Services

Title: Vice President of Academic Services
Phone: 307.532.8261

The Douglas community is home to our branch campus and led by Margaret Farley, Associate Vice President of Academic Services.

The academic areas are further organized under departments led by department heads and program directors:

  • Agriculture/Business Department—Dr. Monte Stokes, Department Head
  • Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department—Catherine Steinbock,  Department Head
  • Cosmetology Department—Christine Chesser, Department Head
  • Health Sciences Department—Suzey Delger, Program Director
  • Math/Science Department—Bob Creagar, Department Head
  • Veterinary Technology Department—Dr.  Edwin Bittner, Program Director
  • Welding Department—Lynn Bedient, Department Head

We are proud of our faculty which includes 35 full-time instructors along with over 100 adjunct and concurrent enrollment faculty members.  Rich classroom and laboratory experiences are hallmarks of our instructional staff along with a low student/teacher ratio.

The Academic Services Office is located in AC249, which is right across from the cafeteria.  The VP for Academic Services oversees all instructional areas (credit and non-credit) as well as instructional support areas.  The Curriculum and Learning Council is the primary committee that approves all new courses and programs along with other duties.

Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (Fall and Spring Semesters) and 7:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday (Summer Semester).