Our History

The welding program at Eastern Wyoming College was founded in 1980. It’s vision was to provide a high quality and versatile basic education in welding as a foundation to build a career on.

Student come from all over the Plains and Rocky Mountain region and are employed all over the United States.

Who We Are

All of our instructors are required to have an AAS in Welding and Joining Technology. Our instructors are all American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors, Certified welding Educators, and Certified welders. We have all worked in the field, as welders with 10 to 45 years of experience. Our entire Welding Department has over 100 years of combined welding experience.

Eastern Wyoming College is an American Welding Society Weld Test Center for more than twenty years, providing weld training, testing and AWS Certification to businesses and individuals in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska.

What We Do

Qualification testing is imbedded as part of our classes. Limited thickness SMAW, FCAW and GMAW tests are given and records can be earned in our Certificate program.  Our second-year programs include seven qualification tests and records in Unlimited thickness SMAW, FCAW, Pipe I, Pipe II, GTAW Pipe and Semi Auto Pipe. These are the same tests you will take for employment and advancement.  Tests must be passed to earn Certification.

Our classes are college quality, students are expected to work and learn. We are serious about welding and your career. There are no easy classes or open labs. We do not use gimmicks.

We will test you. Any job in welding requires a welding skills test. Part of our curriculum is weld testing so you will be comfortable when the big job is on the line. You will be given 48 destructive tests, 57 visual tests and 52 written tests when pursuing a degree with Eastern Wyoming College.

We prepare you for a job by expecting the same standards that industry demands. Attendance, cooperation, safety and being on time ready to go to work.

You will weld, a lot. We commonly go through 20,000 lbs. of filler metal and produce 40,000 lbs. of scrap.

You will learn to weld on new and old power sources of different brands so you will be ready for the unexpected when you take a welding test.

We are proud to keep our climate-controlled facility clean, well equipped, adequately stocked and in good repair.

Where Our Graduates Are

Gas companies, pipelines, power plants, heavy fabrication shops, Alaskan pipe line repair, oil rig support, rail car services, teachers, welding engineers, weld inspectors, welding instructors, coal mining, energy production and support, private business employees and owners.


  • Plate Certificate: one semester.
  • Cerificate: Two semesters.
  • Welding Specialist Certificate: Four semesters.
  • AAS Degree: Four semesters.
  • Machine Tooling Certificate: may be earned in conjunction with the Welding & Joining Technology AAS Degree.

Job Availability

Eastern Wyoming College has a Job Expo every year that is well attended by employers typically looking for more welders then we have. AWS estimates 200,000 jobs are available nationwide right now and a 300,000 trained welder shortage by 2025.