Welder Certification and Qualification

Eastern Wyoming College can certify and qualify your welders and welding procedures to sheet metal, structural, and pipe codes. The college is fully staffed with AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and Technicians to help you with your testing needs.

AWS - ATF Accredited Test Facility - Welder Testing

Eastern Wyoming College
Welder Qualification Testing

3200 West C St. – Torrington, WY 82240

For further information and pricing contact the Eastern Wyoming College Welding Department at 307.532.8274 or the Workforce Development office at 307.532.8366

AWS-D1.1 Coupons Prepared (Each Sample Submitted)
AWS-D1.1 Bend Test (Each Sample Submitted)
AWS-D1.1 3/8″ Plate Test @ EWC
AWS-D1.1 1″ Plate Test @ EWC
4″ Sch 80 Pipe Test @ EWC
2 3/4″ x 5/8″ Wall Tube Test
API 6″ Sch 40 Pipe Test @ EWC
AWS-D1.3 Sheet Metal Test @EWC
One hour practice time will be allotted at no additional cost.  We can review your welding procedures & acceptance criteria if needed. All test specimens will be tested in strict compliance with the applicable code. Test results will be recorded on the appropriate performance qualification test record.